LMM Program Overview
Understand the role of the LMM, how the program works and how it benefits ETPs and the market as a whole.

NYSE Arca Lead Market Maker Policy and Procedures
This comprehensive overview walks you through how LMMs are assigned to exchange-traded products.

LMM Requirements and Performance Metrics Definitions
LMMs are expected to meet certain daily liquidity requirements. Each month, they’re evaluated against those requirements.

Sample Monthly LMM Performance Report
Take a look at an example report we issue monthly to help track LMM performance and the LMM’s ability to meet requirements.

ETP Incentive Program for LMMs
This innovative program is geared toward incentivizing market makers to take on the role of Lead Market Maker (LMM).

Current List of LMMs and Their ETPs
See the current list of NYSE Arca traded products and their assigned LMMs.