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NYSE Data Products

The NYSE offers a variety of Exchange Proprietary Market Data solutions to provide customers with accurate information to guide strategic trading decisions. Our products include a breadth of real-time, historical, and reference data used by institutional, retail, and individual investors, as well as academic institutions. Our exchange data solutions span five exchanges — including five equities trading platforms, two options trading platforms, and one bonds trading platform — to provide investors with the necessary transparency to make informed decisions.

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NYSE Market Data via AWS Cloud

NYSE historical and reference data is accessible via AWS Cloud. This allows for faster download speeds and more streamlined data processing, letting users spend more time extracting value from the content and less time on operational overhead. Customers also benefit from AWS Cloud’s flexible, cost-effective storage as well as a host of solutions in AWS’ product suite.

Data Insights

We believe in the value of educating, informing and providing insights to all market participants. Whether you’re an institutional user of our technology, an experienced trader or a retail investor starting out, the New York Stock Exchange provides expertise to connect you to opportunity. Learn more about NYSE data-driven market insights.