NYSE Regulation, Inc., is an independent not-for-profit corporation dedicated to strengthening market integrity and investor protection. A subsidiary of NYSE, NYSE Regulation's board of directors is comprised of a majority of directors unaffiliated with any other NYSE board. As a result, NYSE Regulation is independent in its decision-making.


As self-regulatory organizations, NYSE, NYSE Arca and NYSE MKT (the "NYSE U.S. securities exchanges") are responsible for enforcing both their own and their members' compliance with exchange rules and applicable federal securities requirements, as well as monitoring and enforcing compliance by listed companies with applicable listing standards. NYSE Regulation performs and oversees these self-regulatory organization responsibilities and functions, through a combination of intercompany delegation agreements and regulatory services agreements. In addition, certain of these regulatory functions have been allocated to FINRA. Others are performed by FINRA or other self-regulatory organizations pursuant to a regulatory services agreement and a national market system plan.

Issuer Oversight

The U.S. securities exchanges require listed companies to meet each exchange's respective original listing criteria at listing, and to thereafter maintain compliance with the respective continued listing standards. Issuer Oversight monitors and enforces compliance with these standards, including conducting limited real-time monitoring of trading activity on the facilities of U.S. securities as well as market Watch functions to determine whether to halt a listed security.

Market Oversight

Market Oversight has primary responsibility for overseeing the rule development and interpretation functions for the U.S. securities exchanges and performing control functions to monitor whether the NYSE U.S. securities exchanges operate in compliance with exchange and federal rules.

Member Oversight

Member Oversight oversees FINRA's performance of member-related regulatory functions.

Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws

Board of Directors

  • Fred W. Hatfield, founder, Hatfield Advisory Services and Chairman of the Board, ICE Futures U.S., Inc.
  • Richard Moore, CEO and president of First Bancorp and former state treasurer of North Carolina
  • James K. Rutledge, founder and former managing partner of Rutledge Securities Group
  • Andrew Vollmer, Professor and Director, John W. Glynn, Jr. Law and Business Program, University of Virginia School of Law
  • Mary Brienza, CEO, NYSE Regulation, Inc.