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Daily U.S. Market Update

Michael P. Reinking, CFA
St. Market Strategist

June 2, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. EST

With a 1.5% rally today the S&P 500 extended its weekly winning streak to three consecutive weeks and decisively broke above 4,200, a level that has capped the index throughout this year. The NYSE FANG+ index continued its march higher extending its weekly winning streak to six weeks, the longest stretch since May - July in 2021. The strength this week was a mix of the removal of the debt ceiling overhang and economic data which suggests the labor market remains resilient while some of the inflationary pressures are easing.

NYSE Sets New All-Time Closing Auction Volume Record

Market Insights and Education

Term of the Week from Investopedia

Economic cycle

An economic cycle, also known as a business cycle, refers to economic fluctuations between periods of expansion and contraction.

Market Insights

NYSE: The Market for Innovation

As the world’s largest stock market where an average 2.4 billion shares exchange hands each day, the NYSE is also powered by a cutting-edge, dynamic technology infrastructure that is unrivaled in the financial markets. Learn more about our innovative trading technology and what it can do for your business.

We believe in the value of educating, informing and providing insights to all market participants. Whether you’re an institutional user of our technology, an experienced trader or a retail investor starting out, the New York Stock Exchange provides expertise to connect you to opportunity.

NYSE 2023 Q1 earnings preview: Rising to the challenge

NYSE Sr. Market Strategist, Michael Reinking, briefly reviews the first quarter in financial markets, followed by a discussion about market expectations, key themes and what investors will be focused on this quarter ahead of earnings season.

Equity market structure proposals

NYSE Group, Inc., Charles Schwab & Co., and Citadel Securities are pleased to present a consensus position to the Securities and Exchange Commission on its recent equity market structure proposals. We share a commitment to ensuring that the U.S. equities market remains the most liquid, efficient, and competitive in the world, thereby strengthening our economy, supporting issuers, and helping to secure the retirement futures of everyday Americans.

Through the storm? Options usage trends to end 2022 and start 2023

NYSE research reviewed option usage trends to end 2022 and start 2023: 2022 options market activity was generally aligned with equity market moves. Average monthly put-call volume ratio was higher in 2022 compared to 2021 showing a more bearish view but dropped at beginning of 2023.

Weekly strategy update

NYSE Senior Market Strategist, Michael Reinking, offers his weekly update on the market and a look to key upcoming catalysts.

ETFs transferred to NYSE improved market quality

ETFs that have recently transferred to the NYSE have experienced improved market quality. Liquidity is better during the day and opening and closing auctions price closer to key benchmarks.

NYSE introduces closing auction imbalance analysis tool

The NYSE Closing Auction remains the largest liquidity event in the equities market, with an average notional value traded of more than $18bn per day during the full year of 2022. Closing Auction informational imbalance messages provide users with vital details about the Closing Auction order flow and the potential closing price of a security.

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NYSE Research explores market trends, analyzes exchange products and trading situations, and offers data-driven perspectives on key policy matters.

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Exchange Traded Products

Exchange-traded products are one of the fastest growing investment products in the world, combining the simplicity of stocks with the diversified risk of mutual funds.


Through a dual options market structure, traders and brokers have choice and flexibility that comes from a mixture of electronic trading and open outcry interaction.

NYSE Pillar®

Our new integrated trading technology platform that will enable member firms to connect to all of our equities and options markets using a single specification.

Securities and Exchange Commission Updates

Latest press releases and announcements from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.