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Daily U.S. Market Update

Michael Reinking, CFA
Sr. Market Strategist

July 1, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. EDT

Turn the page! Yes another paper calendar reference, but like Bob Seger said the first half has felt like a “long and lonesome highway”. As we hopefully look forward to a better second half we’ll just reflect on what has happened thus far in 2022. Assuming you look at any other piece of financial media you already know that it was the worst start for the S&P 500 in over fifty years. There hasn’t been anywhere to hide within financial markets outside of the energy complex, which is why I decided to use multi color conditional formatting scale on the tables below, otherwise they would like Tuscaloosa on a fall Saturday.

NYSE Closing Auction:

Russell Reconstitution Shares Traded (billions)

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