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ESG Building

ESG Resource Center

A company’s management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is often seen as integral to its long-term success. To help issuers navigate the evolving ESG landscape, the NYSE provides resources and platforms for dialogue between issuers and investors to help create more sustainable companies that deliver long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

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How NYSE Helps Issuers Navigate

the ESG Landscape

Our Network

NYSE-listed companies are part of an innovative global community. We create networking platforms, enabling issuers to learn from each other and exchange ideas on a broad range of issues, including ESG.

Global Visibility

NYSE-listed companies are part of an innovative global community. We create networking platforms, enabling issuers to learn from each other and exchange ideas on a broad range of issues, including ESG.

ESG Insights

To help issuers get an in-depth understanding of ESG issues, including disclosures and reporting, we offer educational resources, including a disclosure guidance library, events, webinars and more.

Investor Engagement

Through our connections with buyside investors we are actively engaged in the conversation around how to improve ESG disclosure for issuers and investors.

Featured Resources

Natural Asset Companies

Natural Asset Companies are a new asset class of sustainable enterprises that hold the rights to ecosystem services, allowing investors to directly invest in land preservation and transformation. Read our explainer on natural capital.

Read on to learn more about this innovative partnership between the NYSE and Intrinsic Exchange Group which has created a new market opportunity through the development of natural asset companies.

NYSE ESG Best Practices

The NYSE ESG Best Practices aims to help companies navigate the world of reporting and disclosure. They are not mandatory, nor intended to replace existing disclosure frameworks and standards. Rather, our aim is to facilitate companies moving forward on their ESG disclosure. Access the full ESG Guidance.

ESG Issuer Insights

A library of content and insights to help NYSE-listed companies better understand ESG issues, including blogs, interviews with thought leaders, videos and much more.

ESG Reporting and Disclosure Guidance

Better understand ESG reporting frameworks and standards with our dedicated ESG disclosure resource page.

Board Diversity Support

The NYSE Board Advisory Council proactively addresses the critical need for inclusive leadership on boards by connecting diverse candidates with companies seeking new directors. Through a series of events, the Council introduces candidates to NYSE-listed companies seeking to expand diversity on corporate boards.

Entrepreneur Support

Our Entrepreneurial Boot Camps series promotes economic opportunity and access for those underrepresented. They are designed to support minority business owners and entrepreneurs as their companies grow, some even to the public markets.

Champions of Change

The NYSE is proud of our community of companies leading the charge to foster meaningful change in the world.

We’re proud of the efforts made by the NYSE Community to foster meaningful change in the world. Today we highlight mining company Gold Fields LTD with a purpose to “create enduring value beyond mining.”

On this Earth Day we highlight railway company Norkfolk Southern, which is committed to reducing carbon emissions intensity by 42% by 2034.

GSK is taking action to find solutions for climate change and nature loss that are also drivers of human health. As part of its efforts, GSK is developing greener inhalers. If its clinical trials are successful, the carbon footprint could be reduced by 90%.

Boeing is committed to decarbonizing aviation so air travel is safe and sustainable for generations to come.

McDonald’s is using the scale of its supply chain to make the world’s food system more sustainable.

Procter & Gamble’s efforts toward equality and inclusion now provide all parents globally a minimum of 8 weeks fully paid parental leave.

HSBC is dedicating up to $1trn to support the transition to a net zero global economy – and help build a thriving, resilient future for society and businesses.

NextEra Energy is working toward a renewable energy future with green hydrogen innovation.

OUTFRONT Media partnered with Artsy to further enhance the public transit experience by highlighting artwork from marginalized communities.

RELX’s environmental challenge supports innovators like Cubex, which is preventing untreated waste from entering and polluting water sources in developing countries.

WPP is working toward a more sustainable future with the goal of net zero carbon emissions across its operations by 2025.

Novartis is taking steps to address its climate impact across operations and the global value chain.

SAP’s ChasingZero initiative leverages technology to enable a world of zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

ABB’s technology is powering Maid of the Mist ferries in Niagara Falls for a zero-emissions experience.

Sysco is leading the charge to achieve more sustainable seafood sourcing and supply chains.

Western Union is putting technology to work connecting people – bringing boundless possibilities within reach. Learn more in their latest ESG report.

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