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Listing Standards, Manuals, and Fees

Listing Forms and Applications

The following links provide the materials necessary to prepare an original listing application for the New York Stock Exchange. The first step in the application process is to contact NYSE to request a confidential review of eligibility. A company should not file an original application until NYSE has provided a notification letter of eligibility clearance and conditions of listing.

Please note that original signatures are required for all forms.

Please also note NYSE and NYSE American require different forms and application materials. Scroll down for the appropriate market.

NYSE Listing Materials

Application, Section 303A written affirmation, statement of understanding

NYSE American Listing Materials

Application, written affirmation and statement of understanding

NYSE Non-U.S. Companies Listings Materials

Agreements and documents for Non-U.S. based companies

NYSE Arca ETP Listing Materials

Listing Application, Listing Agreement and Supplemental Listing Application