NYSE Pillar®

Our Integrated Trading Technology Platform

In May 2016, NYSE Group completed the rollout of NYSE Pillar matching engines on NYSE Arca. NYSE Pillar is our new integrated trading technology platform that will enable you to connect to all of our equities and options markets using a single specification. NYSE Pillar was designed to reduce complexity, while enhancing consistency, performance and resiliency.

On July 24, 2017, NYSE American successfully launched a new market model on the NYSE Pillar platform. On August 21, 2017, NYSE Arca introduced new NYSE Pillar gateways, marking the harmonization of NYSE American and NYSE Arca technology platforms. On May 21, 2018, NYSE National (the former National Stock Exchange) reopened on the Pillar Platform.


Once completely rolled out, the NYSE Pillar platform will enable you to connect to each of our markets – NYSE, NYSE American, NYSE Arca, NYSE Arca Options, NYSE American Options, NYSE National, Global OTC and NYSE Bonds – using a single specification and will include new gateways and matching engines. This new technology offers:

  • More efficient processing
  • Shorter time to market for ongoing enhancements
  • Simplified, harmonized order types, terminology, and messaging across all of our markets

NYSE Pillar Milestones

NYSE American migrated to Pillar Technology July 24, 2017
NYSE Arca migrated to Pillar Technology August 21, 2017
NYSE introduces B and C Securities on Pillar Technology April 25, 2018
NYSE National migrated to Pillar Technology May 21, 2018

NYSE Tape A Migration Timeline

Weekend Test April 27, 2019
Weekend Test May 18, 2019
Weekend Test June 15, 2019
Production Shadow Testing Begins June 17, 2019
Weekend Test June 29, 2019
NYSE Pillar Gateways for Tape B and C Available July 1, 2019
Weekend Test July 20, 2019
Weekend Test July 27, 2019
Final Weekend Test August 3, 2019
Tape A Migration Begins August 5, 2019

NYSE Chicago Migration Timeline

Weekend Test September 7, 2019
Production Shadow Testing Begins September 9, 2019
Weekend Test (including DR) September 14, 2019
Weekend Test (including DR) October 12, 2019
Final Weekend Test November 2, 2019
Migration to Pillar Technology November 4, 2019

Gateway Latency (9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

2Q 2019

Exchange Protocol p01 p50 p90 p99
NYSE American* Binary 724 732 739 754
NYSE American* FIX 735 747 757 786
NYSE Arca Binary 26 32 40 87
NYSE Arca FIX 40 47 55 82
NYSE National Binary 21 27 33 81
NYSE National FIX 30 40 47 96

* 700µ consists of speed bump applied to each roundtrip from gateway through matching engine.

Excludes NYSE edge network (additional ~10µ)

Contact and Support

Trading Operations

+1 212 896 2830, Options, 1, 2

Technology Member Services

+1 212 896 2830, Options, 2, 2

Relationship Management

+1 855 898 9012

Trader Updates

Rule Filings


Pillar 1

Rules 7.34P. 7.36P, 7.37P
(Trading Sessions, Order Display and Ranking, Order Execution and Routing)

Rule Filing

Approval Order

Pillar 2

Rules 7.31P and 7.44P
(Orders and Modifiers, RLP program)

Rule Filing

Amendment 1

Amendment 2

Approval Order

Pillar 3

Rules 7.11P, 7.16P, 7.18P, 7.38P
(LULD, SSR, halts, and Odd Lots)

Rule Filing

Amendment 1

Approval Order

NYSE American