In May 2016, NYSE Group completed the rollout of NYSE Pillar matching engines on NYSE Arca. NYSE Pillar is our new integrated trading technology platform that will enable you to connect to all of our equities and options markets using a single specification. NYSE Pillar was designed to reduce complexity, while enhancing consistency, performance and resiliency. On July 24, 2017, NYSE American successfully launched a new market model on the NYSE Pillar platform. NYSE Arca will introduce new NYSE Pillar gateways on August 21, 2017, marking the harmonization of NYSE American and NYSE Arca technology platforms.


Once completely rolled out, the NYSE Pillar platform will enable you to connect to each of our markets – NYSE, NYSE American, NYSE Arca, NYSE Arca Options, NYSE American Options, Global OTC and NYSE Bonds – using a single specification and will include new gateways and matching engines. This new technology offers:

  • More efficient processing
  • Shorter time to market for ongoing enhancements
  • Simplified, harmonized order types, terminology, and messaging across all of our markets

What You Can Expect

The first phase of NYSE Pillar implementation was completed when NYSE Arca migrated to NYSE Pillar matching engines. In July 2017,NYSE American moved entirely to the NYSE Pillar technology, both matching engines and gateways. NYSE Arca will introduce new NYSE Pillar gateways on August 21, 2017, which will run in parallel with existing NYSE Arca gateways for approximately six months. Firms will need to code to NYSE Pillar specifications to connect to the new NYSE Pillar gateways.

The NYSE Pillar certification environment for NYSE Arca is available for now. NYSE Arca will offer weekend tests on August 12 and 19, 2017.

For More Information

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Rule Filings


Pillar 1

Rules 7.34P. 7.36P, 7.37P
(Trading Sessions, Order Display and Ranking, Order Execution and Routing)

Rule Filing

Approval Order

Pillar 2

Rules 7.31P and 7.44P
(Orders and Modifiers, RLP program)

Rule Filing

Amendment 1

Amendment 2

Approval Order

Pillar 3

Rules 7.11P, 7.16P, 7.18P, 7.38P
(LULD, SSR, halts, and Odd Lots)

Rule Filing

Amendment 1

Approval Order

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