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The NYSE is synonymous with global finance. It’s the world’s most trusted equities exchange, with a market model designed to deliver optimal market quality to large corporates and investors. The NYSE is the only exchange with a unique model which combines state-of-the-art technology with a human being at the point of sale — which together delivers the lowest levels of volatility and deepest pool of liquidity. During global events, turmoil and volatility, investors turn to the NYSE.

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NYSE Market Quality

Most Market Share and Liquidity

Most Time Quoting at Best Prices

Largest Quoted Size at Best Prices

Narrowest Quoted Spread*

* Calculated using Enhanced Quoted Spread (EQS). EQS methodology is described here.

Source: NYSE Internal Database and Consolidated Tape Statistics, March 31, 2023

Data includes top 10 exchanges in all categories

Includes NYSE Listed Securities only

About NYSE Markets

Closing Auctions

The NYSE closing auction is the single largest liquidity event of the day.

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