Post Trade Member Notifications



Managed File Transfer – New MOL Processing


PT192 GEMS SOS MQ Processing


PT191 GEMS SOS MQ Processing


PT190 OCS Migration to GEMS – User Testing and Training Update


PT189 OCS Migration to GEMS


PT188 Debit List MIgration to GEMS


PT187 SOS Implementation in GEMS


PT186 SOS in GEMS Update


PT185 SOS in GEMS Testing and Implementation: Revised


PT185 SOS in GEMS Testing and Implementation


PT184 SOS in GEMS User Guide


PT183 GEMS “Step-Out Service” Access


PT182 OCS “Step-Out Service” migration to GEMS


PT181 Reference Price on MOL for IPO’s


PT180 NYSE/DTCC Universal Trade Capture Format Implementation


PT179 NYSE/DTCC Universal Trade Capture Format Testing


PT178 ANON Comparison Change


PT0177 Broker Risk on Badge MOL REVISED


PT0176 MPID on the MOL


PT0175 Locking in Third Party Algo Away Executions


PT0174 Post Trade Backup Data Center Industry Test


Technology Member Firm Notifications

New Order ID Returned on Outbound Messages 02/26/15
NYSE Cash Equities Trading Collars 01/16/15
NYSE and NYSE American - Expansion of ALO Modifier and Day time in force for ISOs 10/15/14
NYSE & NYSE American Introduce New Bulk Cancel Functionality 02/25/14
NYSE Cash Equities Market offer new Mid-Point Order Type 08/14/13
NYSE Cash Equities Introduce MTS IOC Order Type Update 03/22/13
NYSE Cash Equities Introduce New Self Trade Prevention Service 02/04/13
Matching Engine Upgrade: Universal Trade Platform (UTP) to replace NYSE Display Book 08/10/12
Technical changes in support of the new Retail Liquidity Program 07/17/12
CCG Support for Market Participant ID (MPID) for Broker OATS Reporting 06/07/11
NYSE to Introduce New Binary CCG & UTPDirect Protocol  10/13/10
New NYSE Displayed Liquidity Indicators (REVISED )  10/06/10
NYSE to Introduce a New Optional Auto-Cancel on Disconnect Service 09/02/10
NYSE "Done for Day" Subscription Service Update 09/01/10
Trading in Shares: Elimination of the NYSE and NYSE American Odd Lot Systems 06/30/10
New NYSE Displayed Liquidity Indicators 03/10/10
Update: Automatic Cancelation of Partially Executed/Canceled GTC Orders 12/23/09
New Closing Offset Order Type 11/16/09
Automatic Cancelation of Partially Executed/Canceled GTC's & "Done For Day" Service Updates 11/11/09
Sub-penny Priced Orders < $1.00 11/06/09
NYSE American Trading of NASDAQ Symbols Under UTP - Industry Testing  11/04/09
NYSE American Trading of NASDAQ Symbols Under UTP 09/08/09
Routing to NYSE MatchPoint via CCG 08/28/09
CCG Supports Expanded Activity IDs on Execution Reports 07/28/09
NYSE Broker Systems Support Increased Order Quantity and Special Settlement Types 07/10/09
New Done For Day Subscription Service 06/29/09
New Odd Lot Liquidity Indicator 06/19/09
New Database (SDBK): Cancel Replace to Reduce Functionality 03/27/09
New Database (SDBK) Stock Migration Plan 03/05/09
CCG 3.0 and Direct Routing to the NYSE e-BrokerTM Handheld 02/26/09
Technical Addendum:  Enhanced MOC/LOC Handling 02/20/09
Decommission of SDOT: Migration to New Database SDBK for NYSE and NYSE American Securities  02/02/09
New Database (SDBK) Stock Migration and Continuation of Reduced Latency 01/20/09
New MOC/LOC Order Blocks 12/12/08
CCG Enhancements Release 2.1 10/01/08
NYSE Alternext U.S. (NYSE/MKT Integration) - Revised Industry Test Schedule 09/25/08
NYSE Alternext U.S. (NYSE/MKT Integration) - Revised Trading System Update  09/09/08
NYSE Alternext U.S. (NYSE/MKT Integration) - FIX Message Formatting Technical Differences 08/01/08
Reserve Order Type 05/08/08
DBK Link ID for Execution Reports 03/10/08
New Execution Report Billing Indicators 11/15/07
Customer Execution Identifier 11/01/07
Partial Round Lot Report Processing Modifications 09/14/07
Connectivity to Common Customer Gateway (CCG) and Improved Latency (Business Memo) 08/02/07
Connectivity to Common Customer Gateway (CCG) and Improved Latency (Technical Memo) 08/02/07
Common Customer Gateway & Reduced Latency 06/05/07
Common Customer Gateway Phase I and II 03/30/07
Do Not Ship Order 03/13/07
Away Market Indicators (Updated version of 12/19/06 document) 01/31/07
Away Market Indicators 12/19/06
Acceptance of New Account Type Q 01/31/03