NYSE Products


At the New York Stock Exchange, equities trade across three different connected markets depending primarily on the market capitalization of the issuing company. The primary market, NYSE, is the premier listing venue for the today's leading large- and medium-sized companies, and issuers in this market are expected to meet and adhere to the highest listings standards around the globe. Once they qualify to list on NYSE, companies benefit from the added liquidity of NYSE designated market makers, supplemental liquidity providers and, in some cases, floor brokers. As a result, NYSE is the largest and most liquid cash equities exchange in the world.

NYSE MKT, the counterpart to NYSE, is designed to support younger, high-growth companies who fit into the small-cap category. Like NYSE, companies listed through NYSE MKT benefit from a fully integrated trading platform that uses a high-tech / high-touch market model with dedicated liquidity providers at the point of sale.

See how we provide increased liquidity and lower volatility to support our listed companies and the healthy markets they're a part of.

The third equities trading market at the New York Stock Exchange is NYSE Arca. This market operates a fully electronic exchange-trading venue that includes more than 8,000 exchange-listed securities (across both NYSE and Nasdaq).