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Data Insights

November 30, 2020

Where are the best available prices? A new study points to NYSE’s BQT

As trading platforms proliferate, investors’ search for the best available prices has grown more complex. Now, a new study shows that the scale and liquidity of NYSE’s equity exchanges underpin a data feed that outperforms major peers.

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Recent Articles

November 10

Quoting in Today’s Market Favors the Primary Exchange Group »

The NYSE Group operates five equities exchanges: NYSE, NYSE Arca, NYSE American, NYSE National and NYSE Chicago. The exchanges’ electronic matching engines all operate on a single technology, NYSE Pillar, located in a single data center in Mahwah, NJ. This creates a network of diverse yet easily-accessible liquidity when investors seek to trade. In aggregate, the NYSE Group exchanges offer the best prices and most liquidity for the majority of U.S.-listed securities.

November 9

Q3 2020 Options Review »

September 2020 set a new record for options industry average daily volume at 30.1 million contracts, which was driven by volatility, a downturn in equities markets after recent new highs and, perhaps, a boost from two high-profile stock splits.

October 23

NYSE Options Update - Market Liquidity Drivers »

NYSE recently hosted a Virtual Options Update, which included a review of industry liquidity trends. We highlighted some key themes impacting market volume.

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