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Data Insights

May 11, 2020

Market dynamics with NYSE Arca floor reopening

The NYSE Arca Options Trading Floor partially reopened on May 4, after its temporary closure on March 23. As a follow up to our recent Q1 2020 Options Review, we wanted to share a few initial observations around market dynamics with open outcry execution once again available. Open outcry is an important mechanism for executing institutional-sized, complex transactions, which benefit from the human judgment that floors provide. As anticipated, there has been a resurgence in volume associated with these types of transactions and the return of certain market participants to the Trading Floor after reopening.

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The New York Stock Exchange has been temporarily all-electronic since March 23. As we’ve noted before, DMMs can electronically open and close securities during this time, and auctions that cannot be facilitated electronically by DMM algorithms are currently facilitated by the NYSE’s exchange-facilitated-auction (EFA)..

April 8

Q1 2020 Options Review »

“Unprecedented” is an apt descriptor for our Options business in the first quarter. The period continued a record-breaking volume trend over the last two years, and here we review factors that defined the magnitude of Q1.

March 26

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While the NYSE operates in an all-electronic manner temporarily, some Opening and Closing Auctions are executed via an Exchange-run process. These Exchange-facilitated auctions (EFAs) include price collars that limit the auction price to a specified distance from the final reference price.

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