As the global leader in listings, New York Stock Exchange has been the venue of choice for innovators, visionaries and leaders for over 225 years. To help companies access capital and navigate global markets, NYSE offers a unique market model, unmatched network, brand visibility and core services.

Our market model mitigates execution risk and reduces price volatility by more than 30%. The NYSE also maintains listings leadership in a range of sectors from technology and healthcare, to financials and energy.

Across markets, international companies choose NYSE to help build global credibility.

Unique Market Model →

NYSE uses a combination of human judgment and technology to provide the best markets for companies and investors. Available only at the NYSE, Designated Market Makers (DMMs) have the obligation to maintain fair and orderly markets for their assigned securities. This means superior market quality and stability, reducing the cost of capital for listed company transactions.

Unmatched Network →

With the largest network of Dow, S&P 500 and Fortune 100 companies, our constituents' collectively provide 40+ million jobs and their views shape our advocacy platform. We provide the NYSE community with an active voice on key policy and regulatory matters, access to decision makers, and information on our advocacy agenda and issues from Washington.

Brand Visibility →

Invaluable opportunity for listed companies to amplify their brand through our portfolio of marketing, media, event, social and digital assets. Of course, we have the iconic Opening and closing bells - the most widely watched financial news event in the world.

Core Services →

Best in class services to help you navigate the capital markets and gain insights into your company, your industry and peers’ financial performance.

Options for Listing at NYSE

Here are the top ways you can access public markets. Each offers a unique path based on your company's needs.

Listings Applications →
Listings Standards →
Listings Manuals & Fees →


An IPO is the most common way that companies choose to join the public markets in order to raise capital and establish a currency for investing in innovation, growth, acquisitions and employees.

Direct Floor listings

This type of listing allows companies to list their shares directly and begin trading publicly on the NYSE, without issuing new shares via a traditional initial public offering.

Special Purpose Acquisition Company

A SPAC is a company formed for the purpose of raising proceeds through an IPO and using those funds to acquire an operating business.


Since 2000, $1.3 TRILLION in value has transferred to the NYSE from Nasdaq in equity market cap alone.

What to list at NYSE

The New York Stock Exchange offers a range of listing choices for many types of securities and asset classes.


Companies that list on the NYSE or NYSE American, can leverage a wide range of advantages, including access to capital, improved branding and visibility, accountability, and increased liquidity. NYSE-listed securities benefit from the enhanced market quality of the high tech/high touch model.

Exchange Traded Products

Exchange Traded Products listed on NYSE ARCA are derivatively priced securities that can be traded throughout the day on NYSE Arca and NYSE American.

Bonds & Fixed Income

Corporate debt instruments whereby bondholders, as lenders, have creditor stake in a company.

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