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For more than 225 years, we’ve been the place where world leaders come to raise capital to innovate, inspire and shape the future. As we’ve grown, our network has expanded to include the boldest leaders across all verticals – from technology and healthcare to energy and industrials.

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  • $28.8 Trillion in Market Cap
  • 97% Energy/Utilities
  • 89% Financials
  • 82% Industrials
  • 65% Consumer Goods
  • 71% Healthcare
  • 38% TMT

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Whether it’s Uber, Twitter, Spotify or Dell, NYSE tech leaders have always been at the forefront of their industry.

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NYSE Listed Healthcare Companies are defining the future of medical technology to researching cures for diseases and changing the way health insurance is delivered.

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As part of the Intercontinental Exchange family of companies, the NYSE offers unrivaled access to global energy markets, expertise, investors and customers.

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