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NYSE Pillar Trade Ops Portal

Web-based management tools for NYSE markets

Members can now access a free web-based tool to manage their interactions with NYSE's markets. The tool offers new functionality for clients trading on all NYSE Group markets.

Customers can now do the following:

  • See real-time auction imbalances
  • View executed trade details
  • Review an inventory of Pillar order entry and drop copy sessions
  • View their firm’s volume by liquidity tag
  • Configure Pre-Trade and Activity-Based Risk Controls
  • Allocate Open Outcry trades
  • Apply Post Trade clearing changes
  • Future enhancements will include an intra-day order viewer, invoice viewer and risk management tools

As subsequent markets move to the NYSE Pillar technology, customers will be able to view all NYSE exchanges from one single portal and login. Users may customize their experience by selecting only relevant modules. As new functionality is added to the tool, older applications will be retired allowing firms to have a single portal to manage all aspects of their experience on NYSE markets.

View NYSE American and NYSE Arca security halts and auction data in real-time

Manage sessions and configurations through a single GUI

Find executed orders in an easily searchable format

View volume by liquidity tag

View firm rank by market

Search for volume from a specific date

Request a Login

  1. Your Compliance Department should submit the Trade Ops Portal Authorization Administrator form to establish who is authorized to set up Trade Ops Portal Users. CRS maintains this list so if you need to know who is authorized at your firm you can reach out to [email protected].
  2. Once the Trade Ops Portal Authorized Administrators have been established, TOP Authorized Administrators can sign the TOP User Request form and return to [email protected].
  3. CRS will contact you with login instructions once your account has been created for access to

User Guide

Learn how to use key functionality.


User Guide


For Manual Execution Report Guide:
For Post Trade and Floor related functionality, refer to the
For Risk management related functionality, refer to the TOP section of this document.


Contact Client Relationship Services if you have any questions.