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October 14, 2021Options Market Bracing for Turbulence Options
October 11, 2021Closing Auction Order Impact: Size Opportunities Late in the Day Auctions
September 23, 2021Financial Markets Focus on Climate Market Structure
September 8, 2021Market Making and the NYSE DMM Difference Market Structure
July 16, 2021Options Market Snapshot: New Issues Driving Volume, Options
July 6, 2021After-hours price discovery more robust as pandemic and retail participation provide boostMarket Quality
May 27, 2021Earnings Announcements & Retail Participation: A deep-dive into after-hours tradingMarket Quality
April 27, 2021Surging Interest & Market Quality: Options Trading in the Time of MemesOptions
April 7, 2021Q1 2021 Options ReviewOptions
March 30, 2021Buyers and Sellers Meeting Earlier in the NYSE Opening AuctionAuctions
March 10, 2021NYSE Group Handles Record Message VolumeMarket Quality
March 8, 2021A Deeper Dive into the NYSE Group Retail Liquidity ProgramsMarket Structure
February 22, 2021What Exchanges Can – and Cannot – Offer Retail TradersMarket Structure
February 17, 2021SPAC Growth and Sector TrendsMarket Quality
February 9, 2021US Equity Market Activity: Concentrated Volume and Auction OpportunityAuctions
January 29, 2021DMMs return to the floor (and to Auctions)Auctions
January 18, 20212020 Options Year in ReviewOptions
January 11, 2021Market rules are making more liquidity inaccessible to institutional investorsMarket Structure
November 30, 2020Where are the best available prices? A new study points to NYSE’s BQTMarket Quality
November 10, 2020Quoting in today’s market favors the primary exchange groupMarket Quality
October 23, 2020Market Liquidity DriversOptions
October 13, 2020Q3 2020 Options ReviewOptions
October 6, 2020Opening and Trading Direct ListingsMarket Quality
July 14, 2020Q2 2020 Options ReviewOptions
July 13, 2020Investments in consolidated tape infrastructure yield ultra-low latency for investorsMarket Structure
June 30, 2020How to improve your Russell Reconstitution closing auction by $99 millionAuctions
June 15, 2020Market volume & off-exchange trading: more than a retail storyMarket Quality
June 5, 2020Both NYSE Options Floors open for businessOptions
June 5, 2020NYSE Floor unrivaled in key auction eventsAuctions
June 3, 2020Two major options exchange floors open for businessOptions
May 28, 2020 NYSE Trading Floor re-opening improves market qualityMarket Quality
May 26, 2020 NYSE Trading Floor partially re-opensMarket Quality
May 11, 2020Market dynamics with NYSE Arca floor reopeningOptions
April 21, 2020Offsetting a regulatory closing imbalanceAuctions
April 8. 2020Q1 2020 Options ReviewOptions
March 26, 2020NYSE Auctions & Price CollarsAuctions
March 25, 2020NYSE Electronic AuctionsAuctions
February 24, 2020Introducing the new NYSE Group order type usage reportMarket Quality
February 4, 2020NYSE National Quote StabilityMarket Quality
January 8, 2020Q4 Options Market UpdateOptions
December 5, 2019Market share distortion—the dividend spread tradeOptions
December 4, 2019Exchange market data and trading services function as a two-sided platformMarket Structure
November 25, 2019Improved Minimum FillOptions
November 1, 2019NYSE American to eliminate speed bump, restore floor-based tradingMarket Structure
October 3, 2019Q3 2019 Options Market UpdateOptions
September 19, 2019NYSE Pillar migration—adding efficiency to the marketplaceMarket Quality
September 6, 2019NYSE Pillar—richer Closing Auction transparencyAuctions
August 22, 2019Stock quotes and trade data—one size doesn't fit allMarket Quality
August 2, 2019Market reactions after Fed rate cutMarket Quality
July 26, 2019Fed rate decisions and quote volatilityMarket Quality
July 15, 2019Getting to know D Orders - a unique execution tool for NYSE Floor BrokersAuctions
June 20, 2019Introducing Quote Volatility (QV)—a new metric to measure price volatilityMarket Quality
April 16, 2019Closing auction update—untapped liquidity opportunities on NYSEAuctions
April 8, 2019Q1 2019 Options Market UpdateOptions
March 28, 2019NYSE response to MITRE markets analysisMarket Quality
February 12, 2019NYSE's unique auction shines in volatile marketsAuctions
February 1, 20192018 Index MovesIndices
January 18, 20192018 Options Markets Year in ReviewOptions
November 7, 2018Keep your eyes on the prize—the "all-in" cost to tradeMarket Quality
October 29, 2018Credit to those in the arena—enhanced quoted spreadMarket Quality
October 1, 2018Product Innovation—NYSE Arca official closing price calculationMarket Quality
July 10, 2018Fee Pilot Round 2Market Structure
May 25, 2018Transaction Fee Pilot—an impact assessmentMarket Structure
May 15, 2018A new era of trading on NYSE—now trading all NMS securitiesMarket Quality
April 12, 2018Can you "de-fragment" small cap trading?Market Structure
April 5, 2018Setting the Stage—opening stocks during times of stressAuctions
March 14, 2018Primary Exchanges & Expiry—more than just an auction storyAuctions
March 1, 2018Liquidity opportunities in the NYSE Closing AuctionAuctions

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