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There is a reason why nearly 80% of ETF assets are listed with us. At the NYSE we combine superior customer service with better trading and execution, and unparalleled exposure to the ETF community. Whether new to ETFs or an established issuer, our team of experts are ready to be a consultative partner to grow your business.

What Happens Here

Quarterly ETF Report

Stay informed on key industry, exchange and regulatory developments that impact issuers and ETF investors.

Issuer Insights

Hub for ETF investors to hear from NYSE issuers on what is moving the market, how they are evolving their lineup and how they are positioning their ETFs for investor adoption.

Our Markets Are Different

Market quality matters and differentiates us from the competition. See the data to support the NYSE difference.

Active Semi-Transparent ETFs

The benefits of the ETF wrapper are now available to issuers without the requirement to disclose portfolio holdings on a daily basis. The NYSE has the resources needed to support issuers as they navigate development.

Trading & Market Updates

The NYSE recently enhanced its trading programs to further incentivize LMMs and liquidity providers to support higher quality markets for issuers. Including new incentives to encourage participation in less active and new ETFs.

Bell & Events at the NYSE

The iconic bell ringing is just the beginning! The NYSE has some of the most sought after event space in New York City and San Francisco that is reserved exclusively for our issuers.

Listing Resources

Whether you are a new or existing issuer we are here to work with you. Our team of experts prides themselves in making the listing experience seamless. For existing issuers, we are pleased to offer our online platform, Listing Manager, to streamline the submission of Supplemental Listing Applications (SLAPs), for both new listings as well as any corporate action.


Trading Resources

NYSE Arca has the greatest market share of traded volume and greatest depth of liquidity across all U.S. ETFs. By offering the most comprehensive trading programs, our market makers are incentivized to provide additional liquidity resulting in better trading for your ETFs.

NYSE issuers gain exclusive access to NYSE Connect where they can monitor their ETFs trading in real time via the NYSE Connect web or iPhone app.



Asset TV: The ETF Show

Digital platform for ETF thought leaders to share their market perspective and the key differentiators of their product lineup with end investors.

Opportunity to create custom, co-branded content with ETF thought leaders Tom Lydon and Dave Nadig for distribution across multiple digital channels.

ETF Logic

Get access to key industry statistics through the ETF Logic platform.

Inside the ICE House

Access the growing podcast community. Recorded in the Library of the NYSE, Inside the ICE House takes listeners behind the historic New York Stock Exchange façade and inside the global financial marketplace.


Bring efficiencies to your ETF trading workflow by becoming part of the ICE ETF Hub.

ICE Data Services

Access a tailored set of pricing and analytics, indices and exchange data in a secure, flexible fashion. ICE Data Services covers a broad range of asset classes to help you address your investing, trading, compliance and risk management requirements.