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We closed out the second quarter of 2017 and summer is now in full swing. Even though we’re in the summer months, the ETF industry has not shown any sign of slowing down. We continue to see a robust pipeline for the remainder of the year and a wide range of market structure and regulatory changes soon to impact the ETF industry. Throughout the flurry of activities, NYSE is committed to keeping you up to date on all of the latest developments and possible changes that may impact your business and our industry.

“Six months into 2017 and it has already been a time of strong growth in ETFs, and it was particularly exciting to see the market hit an all-time record, with the listing of the 2,000th ETF back in May. It continues to be a phenomenal growth story here in the U.S from a new product as well as cash flow standpoint.

Here at the NYSE, as always, we are continuing to focus on providing the best service offering in the marketplace. In June, you may have read that we announced the acquisition of the Global Research Index platform from Bank of America Merrill Lynch - one of the largest fixed income index product suite providers in the world. The acquisition will allow us to further enhance our indexing and data solution capabilities, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution for our issuer community.

We are also focused on helping you to navigate all of the upcoming regulatory changes affecting the ETF industry. Make sure you sign up for the upcoming T+2 webinar, and as always, should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.”

Douglas M. Yones, NYSE Head of Exchange Traded Funds

NYSE Arca has the most market share in trading volume, with nearly 2.2 times more liquidity than the next largest exchange.
Over 91% of all U.S. ETF AUM is listed on NYSE Arca.
NYSE Arca has the narrowest quoted bid/ask spreads.


Approval for Cash in an Index of Underlying Investment Company Units

NYSE Arca recently received approval to its rules 5.2(j)(3) for ETFs to be able to include cash in an index underlying series of Investment Company Units. A copy of the approval order can be found here.


Earlier this year, we unveiled The New Data Generation at ICE Data Services, a comprehensive package of data solutions covering global markets across all asset classes. 

Take a look at some of the powerful trends underway in data and technology for asset management and passive investing.

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On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, the settlement cycle for equities, corporate bonds, municipal bonds and unit investment trust securities domiciled in the U.S. are set to compress from a trade date plus three days (T+3) to two days (T+2). To learn more on how this could impact you, see below.

To help prepare for this significant change, NYSE will host a webinar on July 18, 2017. The webinar will bring together representatives from an ETF Custodian, Authorized Participant/Market Maker and the DTCC to discuss their preparations. Click here to register and join us.

Learn more about the key topics for issuers to consider ahead of this important change.

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