The fully-electronic NYSE Arca trades more than 8,000 exchange-listed equity securities—including some listed on Nasdaq. Traders that use NYSE Arca to access open, direct, anonymous markets will make rapid, efficient, electronic executions in multiple U.S. market centers. A distinct market structure and functionality allow NYSE Arca to deliver the advantages of significant transparency, tremendous speed, and both displayed and dark liquidity.

  • Ultra Low Latency: Soon to be in the sub millisecond range, latency can be further reduced with our proprietary ArcaDirect API and co-location capabilities. For Nasdaq-listed issues, we trade in microseconds.
  • Innovative Order Types: Order types such as MPL, PNP Blind, and ALO give traders greater strategic flexibility, allowing you to go dark or only add liquidity.
  • Aggressive Pricing: NYSE Arca offers extremely competitive pricing with low spreads and high rebates for added liquidity.  High-volume participants can further reduce spreads by reaching volume tiers.
  • Access to Other Market Centers: Route directly to the NYSE and NYSE MKT to trade at the fees of the primary listing market.
  • Access to Opening and Closing Auctions: NYSE Arca offers the official opening and closing prints for roughly 98% percent of ETFs.

Membership Process

Become a NYSE Arca Member

Step 1: Qualify

Membership is available to registered and new U.S. based broker-dealers who obtain a Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) and have an established connection to a clearing firm. Individual investors are not eligible.

Step 2: Fill Out Relevant, Market-Specific Forms

To expedite the process, please email forms and applications directly to Client Relationship Services by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ link below.

Step 3: Connect

Once you have submitted the Membership Application and Agreements, you can begin the connectivity process right away. Firms can connect to our markets directly or through a Service Bureau in a number of different ways. Review our Connectivity page and contact us to explore your options.

Membership Process

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