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NYSE: The Home of Active ETFs

The NYSE Difference

A unparalleled platform focused on market quality and promoting product growth:

  • #1 in Market Quality - Market Share, Spread Quality, Depth, and Quoted Liquidity
  • Growth Partner - Go 2 Market strategy development, ETF Ecosystem introductions/partnerships and bespoke marketing support

NYSE's Active ETF Updates

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NYSE is Your Active ETF Partner

We understand that there are a number of design considerations and complexities when developing an active ETF today.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you whether you are looking to launch a fully transparent active ETF or one of the newly approved semi-transparent structures. All semi-transparent structures will be available for listing at NYSE and our team is ready to usher you through each phase:

Regulatory Filings

Listing Process

Pre-Launch Activities

Sales & Distribution

Available Semi-Transparent Solutions

NYSE Active Proxy Structure


  • Fits into the existing ETF infrastructure
  • Leverages today’s ETF trading market structure
  • Minimal operational impact
  • Retains a majority of the tax efficiency of the existing ETF structure
  • Offers lower overall cost than traditional mutual funds


  • Multiple Proxy design options that protect alpha while maintaining an effective ETF arbitrage mechanism
  • Restrict securities and leverage fundamental optimization powered by Axioma
  • Lag actual portfolio
  • Selectively operate as fully transparent and/or combine approaches

Publicly Licensed Issuers

Built to meet the requirements of all ETF participants:
asset managers, trading community, advisors and investors

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