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NYSE Regulation

Rules and Interpretations


As a registered securities exchange, the NYSE is subject to the regulatory oversight of the SEC. Accordingly, all rules and rule amendments proposed by NYSE must be submitted to the SEC via what is known as a 19b-4 filing. A 19b-4 filing contains the proposed rule text, its intended purpose, and its statutory basis.

Once a proposed rule change is filed with the SEC, the substance of the change is published in the U.S. Federal Register, for a prescribed period of time, giving interested parties the opportunity to comment on it. Comment letters are forwarded to NYSE for response. If necessary, and when appropriate, NYSE will amend the original filing in response to comment letters and resubmit the amended filing to the SEC.

Ultimately, when the SEC approves a proposed rule change, it will issue an “Approval Order” for publication in the Federal Register. Shortly thereafter, NYSE will typically issue a corresponding Information Memo, alerting membership to the rule change, its history, and its effective date.

The NYSE's Rules are available for purchase in paperback through Wolters Kluwer Financial Services at +1 800 248 3248.

The rules are also included in the New York Stock Exchange Guide. Included in the Guide are the Exchange's directory of members, member organizations, branch offices and listed securities, the NYSE Rules, and related federal laws and regulations. The Guide is available as a three-volume looseleaf set or in CD-ROM. For copies of the guide, contact:

Three-Volume Loose-Leaf Set

CCH Wall Street
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
4025 West Peterson Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60646
P: +1 773 866 6000


CCH Wall Street
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
4025 West Peterson Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60646
P: +1 800 449 6435 6000

Related Information

Rule Filings

All outstanding proposed rule changes, called 19b−4 filings, filed by the NYSE with the SEC. 19b-4 filings relate to proposed changes to the NYSE Rules and federal securities laws.

Rule Changes

Rule changes since 1997.

Rule Interpretations

Information Memos

Information Memos are addressed to all members and member organizations and typically publish interpretations of NYSE and NYSE American rules and descriptions of NYSE, NYSE American and SEC rules and policies.

Member Education Bulletins

Member Education Bulletins are addressed to floor members only and provide updates to NYSE Rules and policies related to floor trading activity. Member Education Bulletins are also used as reminder notices.

Rule Interpretations

National Market System Plan

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