Equities Order Types

Our equities platform offers a range of order types.

Trading Fees

NYSE is uniquely positioned to offer choice, flexibility, and very competitive transaction fees to NYSE MKT Equities customers that access liquidity on our markets. Review the NYSE MKT Equities Price List for additional information about Equity Transaction Fees and Credits, Equipment Fees, Network B Fees and Listing Fees.

Liquidity Indicator Description MKT Listed Tape C ETP
Executions on NYSE MKT
1 Customer taking liquidity $0.00280 $0.0030 $0.0029
1 Floor Take $0.00280 $0.0030 $0.0029
1 SLP Take $0.00280 $0.0030 $0.0029
1 DMM Take $0.00160


2 Customer Provide $(0.0016) $(0.0025) $(0.0025)
2 Floor Provide $(0.0016) $(0.0025) $(0.0025)
2 SLP Provide $ (.0016/.0032) $(0.0030) $(0.0028)
2 DMM Provide $ (.0042/.0045) $(0.0040) $(0.0030)
2 4 Block Provide - 2000 Shares Displayed   $(0.0035) N/A
3 Blended or Broker d-Quotes (except when providing) $0.00050 $0.0005 $0.0005
4 Prior Day GTC Orders No Charge N/A N/A
5 Opening Executions $0.0010 N/A N/A
6 Executions at the Close - Not MOC/LOC No Charge N/A N/A
7 Charge for market at-the-close and limit at-the-close orders $0.00850 N/A N/A
8 Retail Price Improvement Orders $(0.0003)/ $0.0003 $(0.0003/ $0.0003 $(0.0003)/ $0.0003
9 Retail Orders from RMOs taking liquidity No Charge No Charge No Charge
NA Agency transactions between floor brokers in the crowd or a broker cross No Charge N/A N/A
NA Retail orders that provide liquidity $(0.0030) $(0.0030) $(0.0030)
Alpha Routing fee (except floor brokers) $0.00300 $0.0030 $0.0030
Alpha Routing fee (floor brokers) $0.00290 $0.0030 $0.0030
Sub Dollar Pricing on NYSE MKT*
1 Taking liquidity No Charge No Charge No Charge
2 Providing No Charge No Charge No Charge
2 Floor Providing No Charge -0.10% -0.10%
3 Blended or Broker d-Quotes (except when providing) $0.0005 or 0.25% 0.20% 0.20%
4 Prior Day GTC Orders No Charge N/A N/A
5 Opening Executions No Charge N/A N/A
6 Executions at the Close - Not MOC/LOC No Charge N/A N/A
7 Charge for market at-the-close and limit at-the-close orders $0.00085 or 0.25% N/A N/A
Alpha Routing fee 0.30% of Value 0.30% 0.30%
  *Rates in % are as a percent of trade value      
Alpha Codes NYSE Fee
B Boston $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
C National $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
D NASD $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
I ISE $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
J Direct Edge A $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
K Driect Edge X $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
M Chicago $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
P Arca $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
T Nasdaq $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
W CBOE $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
X Nasdaq PSX $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
Y BATS II $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300
Z BATS $0.0030 $0.00290 $0.00300

Clearly Erroneous Execution

A Clearly Erroneous Execution (CEE) is defined as an execution at a price, for a quantity of shares, or with a symbol, that is substantially inconsistent with the current trading pattern of the issue. CEE Requests for Review are processed using a web-based submission service, designed to expedite and simplify review request entries and to help customers meet submission deadlines.

All NYSE, NYSE MKT, or NYSE Arca Submission Forms, and detailed CEE guidelines and policies are available on the Clearly Erroneous Execution landing page.

As of Monday, October 5, 2009 in conjunction with the other U.S. equities markets and pursuant to the NYSE Rule 128–NYSE changed the procedure to request a review of clearly erroneous trades.

Crossing Session Information

For NYSE and NYSE MKT equity trading license holders, the Exchange currently offers a two sided crossing session for program trades through its Electronic Filing Platform (EFP).

Crossing Session (Program Trades)

Accommodates the trading of program baskets of at least 15 NYSE securities regardless of value. Members that have either facilitated a basket trade or have paired two customers' baskets can submit aggregate information to the Exchange for immediate execution.

Reports of execution are available via the web-based electronic platform (EFP) shortly after the trade is entered. At 6:30 p.m., the NYSE prints the aggregate information of all baskets executed in this session to the consolidated tape. On the third day following the trade date (T+3), individual component stocks that were executed as part of a basket trade are printed in aggregate form in the NYSE Daily Sales Report.

Routing Policy

NYSE, NYSE MKT and NYSE Arca (the “Exchanges”) route orders to away markets through either an Exchange affiliated router or one or more third-party routing brokers pursuant to NYSE and NYSE MKT Rule 17 and NYSE Arca Rule 7.45. Each third-party routing broker used by the Exchanges has its own policies and procedures with respect to the manner in which it may round or truncate execution prices that extend beyond four decimal places. Some third-party routing brokers may round to the fourth decimal place, while others may truncate to the fourth decimal place, before returning executions to the Exchanges. With the exception of routing in BRK A, those policies and procedures are established by the third-party routing broker and are not established by or at the request of the Exchanges and are not overseen by the Exchanges. In the case of BRK A, all executions returned in more than two decimal places will be truncated to two decimal places.

Risk Management Tools

NYSE/NYSE MKT and NYSE Arca are introducing new tools to supplement a firm’s own internal risk management tools. The Risk Management Tools (RMT) is a GUI that allows users to track executed exposure and make real-time adjustments to net exposure limits via a web interface.

Risk Management Tools (RMT) allow firms to:

  • Define net exposure limits by risk group
  • Track net notional exposure by risk group on NYSE/NYSE MKT or NYSE Arca
  • View net notional exposure by symbol or mnemonic
  • Receive email or web based alerts when nearing or breaching a firm defined limit
  • In a future phase, auto-block and/or auto-cancel orders when firm determined exposure limits are breached

There is no cost for RMT.

Use of RMT is voluntary and designed to supplement a firm's own tools.

Additionally, firms will have the ability to bulk cancel orders via API if needed:

To access RMT, an authorized signatory of the firm must submit a User Request Form. To set up RMT email notifications, the firm must submit an Email Notification Authorization Form.

Further Information