• The world’s premier equity market  
  • Dedicated Market Maker in NYSE-listed securities with the most stringent quoting obligations to enhance price discovery and liquidity
  • High-tech/high-touch model that uses Parity Allocation to promote displayed liquidity while deemphasizing speed
  • Comprehensive listing services including market intelligence from the Market Access Center (MAC desk), investor relations and governance programs, regulatory advocacy, premier market services, corporate event space, market data service offering. 
  • Expanded trading in all US securities when NYSE transitions to NYSE Pillar later in 2017
  • NYSE-listed companies can trade on NYSE to benefit from the best possible displayed liquidity, and also NYSE American to benefit from facilitate mid-point trading

NYSE American - formerly NYSE MKT

  • Dedicated electronic market maker with quoting obligations in NYSE American securities to enhance price discovery and liquidity
  • Market experience with IPOs and auctions.
  • Midpoint order with discretionary protection (non-displayed discretionary pegged order) offering enhanced price improvement
  • 350 microsecond delay on all orders to slow down trading
  • Comprehensive listing services including market intelligence from the Market Access Center (MAC desk), NYSE Connect market data platform and regulatory advocacy. 


  • Leading U.S venue for ETFs in terms of number of listings, trading volume and assets under management
  • An electronic market that uses a price-time execution model
  • Lead Market Makers with clearly defined quoting obligations
  • The first NYSE market to migrate to NYSE Pillar state-of-the-art trading technology

NYSE National - formerly National Stock Exchange (NSX)

  • Acquired by NYSE Group in January 2017
  • Migrated to NSE Pillar state-of-the-art trading technology in May 2018

NYSE Chicago - formerly Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)

  • Acquired by Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. in July 2018
  • Supporting the institutional broker community

All U.S securities will be available for trading on each venue. Issuers listed on NYSE, NYSE American and NYSE Arca will receive the benefits available to them with their listing, and will also benefit from being traded on each NYSE market