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Closed-End Fund Terminology

Average Coupon
Dollar weighted average coupon, weighted by market value.

Average Duration
Duration of portfolio in years. This is an alternative measure of average maturity which reflects a portfolio's price sensitivity to changing interest rates.

Credit Quality Allocation
Percent of assets allocated to each credit quality category.

Effective Average Maturity
Dollar weighted average maturity, weighted by market value calculated to first call or effective life.

Fund Description
Description of the fund's investment policy as gleaned from the prospectus and annual report.

Investment Category
The Lipper portfolio-based classification given to a fund based on its actual capitalization and style.

Whether or not a fund's articles of incorporation include a provision that allows the fund to use leveraging techniques.

Management Company
The name of the entity that assists in the marketing and operation of the fund.

Management Fee
The portion of a fund's total expenses paid to the entity(ies) with the advisory and administrative roles.

Market Cap
Total value of a fund based on shares outstanding and current market price.

Maturity Allocation
Percent of assets allocated to each maturity category.

NAV Symbol
Symbol by which one can find out the closing Net Asset Value (NAV).

Net Asset Value (NAV)
The funds Net Asset Value (NAV) at the end of the last trading day.

Nominal Average Maturity
Dollar weighted average maturity, weighted by market value calculated to nominal (stated) maturity.

A percentage (positive or negative) describing how a closed-end fund's market price compares to its NAV.

Shares Outstanding
The number of shares sold at inception.

Total Expense Ratio
The total fees and expenses charged by a fund for all the various services to run the fund.

Total Net Assets
Total Net Assets for the latest month end.

Value of 10K Reinvested
Cumulative total return performance at NAV and Market Price, including accruals, detailing the growth of $10,000 invested over time.

The yield is a 12-month rate based on the actual income paid over the period divided by the current NAV.