When applying for membership on NYSE American you obtain reciprocity of membership on NYSE for equities as well, and vice versa. NYSE American Membership provides broker-dealers with a price-time priority execution model similar to NYSE Arca. Membership brings access to features designed to facilitate increased midpoint trading such as a delay on incoming orders and proprietary market data and a Discretionary Peg Order that executes up to the midpoint if the quote is deemed stable or rests passively if deemed unstable.

Membership Directory

Membership Process

Become a NYSE/NYSE American Equity Member

Step 1: Qualify

Membership is available to registered and new U.S. based broker-dealers who obtain a Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) and have an established connection to a clearing firm. Individual investors are not eligible. When applying for membership on NYSE you may obtain reciprocity of membership on NYSE American for equities as well, and vice versa.

Step 2: Fill Out Relevant, Market-Specific Forms

To expedite the process, please email forms and applications directly to Client Relationship Services at crs@nyse.com.

Step 4: Connect

Once you have submitted the Membership Application and Agreements, you can begin the connectivity process right away. Firms can connect to our markets directly or through a Service Bureau in a number of different ways. Review the Connectivity forms below and contact us to explore your options.

How to Join

For questions regarding the application, supporting documentation, or process, please contact Client Relationship Services using the "Contact Us" button below.

The application and all supporting documentation should be sent via email to Client Relationship Services at crs@nyse.com. Please ensure all attachments are clearly labeled.

The appropriate application fee should be submitted directly to the Exchange. Mail the application fee to:

New York Stock Exchange, LLC
Client Relationship Services
11 Wall Street, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Forms and Applications

Master User Agreement

NYSE and American Membership Application

NYSE American Application for Market Maker Registration

NYSE American Registered Trader Application

AP Form

Please refer to Information Memo 12-10 provided below under Additional Information for details regarding our Approved Person Rule requirements

For NYSE Member Firms Who Want to Obtain NYSE American Membership

NYSE American Equity Short Form Application

Forms for Individuals

NYSE Floor Employee Application

NYSE Securities Lending Representative Agreement


Access Details on Connecting to Our Markets

To directly connect to NYSE and NYSE American the Member Firm must hold a Trading License and then complete the below required documents to directly connect:

NYSE Trading License Application

Connectivity Questionnaire

Native Gateway Session Request Form

Additional Information

NYSE Trading License Fee Change for JULY 1, 2016

Information Memo 16-05 New Regsitration and Exam Requirement for Floor Clerks

Information Memo 12-10 Amendments of Approved Persons

NYSE American Price List

Membership Types

The NYSE American equities platform provides for two types of participants: Market Maker/Market Maker Authorized Traders (MMATs) and Electronic Designated Market Makers (eDMMs).

Market Makers (MMAT)

A Market Maker is an ETP holder or firm that has registered with NYSE American to trade securities. Market Makers are obligated to maintain continuous two-sided Q Orders in all registered securities.

Electronic Designated Market Makers (EDMM)

Any registered Market Maker may apply to become an Electronic Designated Market Maker (eDMM). eDMMs may operate on or off-the-exchange trading with more stringent quoting obligations and in some cases, participation guarantees. eDMMs must maintain specified cash or liquid assets based upon the number of issues traded.

NYSE American Electronic Designated Market Maker Firms (EDMMs)

  • Brendan E. Cryan and Company, LLC
  • Citadel Securities LLC
  • J. Streicher & Co., LLC

Membership Directory

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