Broadcast live from the floor of the NYSE, this exclusive webinar explores Reg A+ IPOs as the new alternative to traditional S-1s. The discussion focuses on how mature organizations with large social followings can effectively tap their customers, fans, and equity markets in a hybrid approach.

The speakers highlight listing options at NYSE for qualifying Reg A+ issuers, review current Reg A+ hybrid offerings, and discuss key banking, marketing, and legal strategies. Settlement and delivery are also addressed.


  • Darren Marble, Reg A+ Marketing Expert, CrowdfundX
  • Mark Elenowitz, Reg A+ Banking Expert, TriPoint
  • Paul Dorfman, Director, NYSE
  • Shawn Nelson, Reg A+ Issuer, Lovesac


  • David Feldman, Attorney, Duane Morris
Bringing Back the Small Cap IPO: 2017 Reg A+ Outlook