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Reserve Your Ticker Symbol

Choosing your ticker symbol is an initial step in the life of a public company. An issuer’s symbol is unique and can reinforce branding initiatives.

NYSE, NYSE American and NYSE Arca use up to four-character symbols. Under the National Market System Plan for the Selection and Reservation of Securities Symbols (the “Plan”), we can only reserve a symbol if (a) the issuer or its agent requests it, and (b) we have a reasonable basis to believe that the symbol will be used within 24 months.

To request a symbol reservation, please complete and submit the form below. Please allow 48-72 hours for a response. Please note that we can only reserve one symbol per issuance.

Please note that, under the Plan, issuers on participant exchanges have the right to use the symbol reserved for them even if they choose to list on a different exchange. Once listed, issuers have the right to retain their symbol should they transfer to a new exchange.

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