The fully-electronic NYSE National will trade more than 8,000 exchange-listed equity securities on an unlisted trading privileges basis. NYSE National will deliver the advantages of significant transparency, tremendous speed, and both displayed and dark liquidity.

  • Ultra Low Latency: Connecting through Pillar gateways, trading is in microseconds.
  • Innovative Order Types: Order types such as MPL, Limit Non-Routable Orders, and ALO give traders greater strategic flexibility, allowing you to go dark or only add liquidity.
  • Access to Other Market Centers: Route directly to the primary listing markets, including, to trade at the fees of the primary listing market.

Membership Process

Apply for Membership to any, or all, of our five Exchanges, across equities and options, by completing one form.


Membership is available to registered and new U.S. based broker-dealers who obtain a Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) and have an established connection to a clearing firm. Individual investors are not eligible.


Broker Dealers interested in obtaining Membership in order to trade directly on any one of our Exchanges must complete the NYSE Membership Application and Master User Agreement.

When submitting the Membership Application and all supporting documentation please send via email to Client Relationship Services at [email protected]. Please ensure all attachments are clearly labeled.


Once the necessary Forms have been submitted, you can begin the connectivity process right away. Firms can connect to our markets directly or through a Service Bureau in a number of different ways.

Contact Client Relationship Services using the "Contact Us" button above to explore your options.

Forms and Applications

Forms for Firms

NYSE Membership Application
To be completed by an Applicant seeking Membership to any NYSE Exchange or if the Applicant is seeking to add a new type of business on an NYSE Exchange

Application for Market Maker Registration
To be completed by an Applicant seeking Membership to any NYSE Exchange or if the Applicant is seeking to add a new type of business on an NYSE Exchange

Master User Agreement
User Agreement to be completed by all Member Firms and NYSE Entities

Authorized Trading Form
To be completed by all Member Firms connecting to the NYSE Pillar platform to identify personnel authorized to conduct business with the NYSE Trading Operations Desk

Equities Clearing Letter of Consent
Agreement to be completed between a Member and a Clearing Member wishing to establish a new clearing relationship on any Equities Exchange

Forms for Individuals

Application for Individual Registration and Non-Registered Associated Person (NRF) Designation
To be completed by Individuals seeking Exchange approval as a Clerk, Floor Broker, Floor Employee, Institutional Broker, Market Maker, Nominee or Voting Designee on any NYSE Exchange

NYSE National Market Maker Orientation
The Market Maker Orientation is an introduction to NYSE National Market Maker access, obligations, requirements and order types. Please review and certify that you have completed and understand the policies and procedures set forth in the Market Maker Orientation by signing the last page of the PowerPoint and returning it to Client Relationship Services.

NYSE National will review this document upon receipt, and Market Maker Registration becomes effective when the applicant receives approval notice from the NYSE National.

Market Specific Additional Forms and Applications

Additional Information

Membership Fees can be found in our Price List: NYSE National Trading Fees

Information Memo - New Membership Application and Updated Process for Material Change in Business


Access Details on Connecting to Our Markets

Membership Types

Market Makers

A Market Maker is an ETP holder or firm that has registered with NYSE National to trade securities. Member firms can register as Market Makers in securities they continuously quote.

Membership Directory

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