Living Tech is the connection between technology and humanity that makes companies truly great.

Whether it’s Uber, Spotify, Twitter or Snapchat, bringing a tech product to life requires more than just technology. Groundbreaking algorithms and apps are transformed by human insight - to meet a market need, and shepherd development. Be they Uber drivers, Spotify artists or customers, it takes people to keep a product alive.

The same is true for bringing an issue to market and helping it grow. A listing exchange must have leading-edge tech capabilities - but it requires a human touch that only seasoned professionals can provide. That’s where the NYSE gives you an edge. We integrate superior technology with the expertise of our floor traders, market makers and support staff to ensure the success of your IPO.

You Bring it to Life, We Bring it to Market.

This past year, the NYSE has seen an incredible number of tech companies list on our exchange.

PagerDuty. Pinterest. Uber. Slack. And counting.

*Based on NYSE results from the first half (January 1 - June 30, 2019)


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