With more than 25 years of experience, we design, calculate and maintain a wide range of Indices that provide investors and issuers with the benchmarks necessary to measure and trade the performance of key segments and strategies.

Today, we’re responsible for the management of hundreds of indices that include everything from blue chip, national and regional indices to sector, strategy and theme-based Indices. Companies are indexed according to size, segments and sectors.

Sector Indices

Sector indices enable investors to benchmark the performance of stocks grouped by specific market sectors or industries. They empower investors to make more selective choices, and listed companies to better track progress relative to their respective peer group.

In the NYSE Index Group, we compile nearly 100 sector-specific indices. These include:

Theme Indices

The world is changing and so are the themes surrounding investment opportunities. We’re continuously expanding our portfolio of indices to ensure that investors, asset managers and structured products issuers have the means to match their needs to market trends.

Thematic indices are based on themes such as: Emerging Markets, Healthcare, Alternative Energy, Fixed Income, Education, Commodity Demand or Private Equity.


  • NYSE Fixed Income Indices such as our NYSE Current Two Year, Five Year and Ten Year U.S. Treasury Indices and our NYSE 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Index, 20 Year Plus Treasury Bond Index, and 25 Year Plus Treasury Bond Index, which track the total returns of the intermediate 7-to-10 year maturity range and longer 20 year plus and 25 year plus maturity ranges (respectively) of the U.S. Treasury bond market.
  • NYSE Futures-Based Indices such as the NYSE U.S. Two-Year, Five-Year and Ten-Year U.S. Treasury Futures Indices.