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With over 25 years of experience, the NYSE Global Index Group is a leading provider of indexing services and solutions. We offer investable indices for product creation, calculate indexes and IOPVs, and provide dissemination services.

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/ NYSE® Bitcoin Index - Request for Information

The NYSE® Index Committee is commencing a Request for Information for exchanges, trading venues, and other data providers who are interested in joining the Bitcoin transaction data pool that underlies the NYSE® Bitcoin Index (NYXBT). Submissions should be made to usindex@nyse.com. A confirmation message will be delivered within 48 hours of receipt of a submission. As indicated in the Official Index Methodology at www.nyse.com/indices, all submissions received with sufficient advance notice will be reviewed for possible action at the subsequent Quarterly Committee Meeting.

Submissions will remain confidential and solely be utilized internally by the NYSE® Index Committee. All entities that are approved for entry into the official Bitcoin transaction data pool will be announced publicly by NYSE and the actual addition will be made at a time as early as practicable following the announcement. Other entities will be notified privately by email.

/ Updated Index Methodologies Now Available

Updated methodology documents for the following indices are available below and on the Indices Rules page:

Index Directory

Search by name or symbol to find last price and price changes.

Index Families

Benchmarks to measure and trade the performance of key segments and strategies.

Index Types

  • Sector Indices
  • Benchmark the performance of stocks grouped by specific market sectors or industries


  • Strategy Indices
  • Benchmarks and market trend tools for investors, asset managers and structured products issuers


  • Theme Indices
  • Themes & non-equity asset classes covering fixed income, emerging markets, healthcare, alternative energy, private equity and more

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Index Services

  • Offer consulting services and/or partnerships for parties wishing to develop their own index families
  • Have a license to utilize the FTSE ICB classification benchmark for index development
  • Maintain & Calculate 260+ indices and publish close to 400 indices on behalf of third parties
  • Real time calculations to support 900+ ETPs listed on both U.S. and international exchanges

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