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ESG Building

ESG Issuer Insights Webinars

ESG is a key topic for investors and companies alike, but what are the implications for companies today? How should they think about formally integrating ESG considerations into their business models and throughout the value chain? Join the New York Stock Exchange and Solebury Trout for our new ESG Insights Webinar series as we discuss these and other pressing ESG topics. Throughout the series, we’ll meet industry leaders and ESG experts to share insights to help companies navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.

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The ESG Journey for Private and Public Companies

In this session we were joined by industry leaders - representing both newly listed and long-time publicly listed companies - who shared how they have integrated ESG issues into their business models and strategic thinking and priorities for the next phase of their respective ESG journeys.

U.S. ESG Investing Trends

For the ESG Insights webinar on US ESG Investing Trends, we were joined by the US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment who discussed findings from their US Sustainable and Impact Investing Trends 2020 Report - the report is the most comprehensive study of sustainable and impact investing in the United States.

U.S. ESG Regulatory Landscape

ESG disclosure regulations are evolving in Europe and Asia. Investors are increasingly focusing on ESG data as part of their investment analysis. In this session, we’ll talk to SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce for her views on the U.S. ESG regulatory landscape.

Demystifying ESG Reporting Standards

We broke down the core principles of ESG reporting standards in the second of the New York Stock Exchange and Solebury Trout ESG Insights webinar series. We were joined by leading ESG reporting standard setters Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and discussed how the two agencies are working together and how they see stakeholder ESG perspectives evolving. Watch the full recording from the Demystifying ESG reporting Standards here!

ESG in 2020 and Beyond

In the first installment of the ESG Insights webinar series, we were joined by Harvard University’s Professor George Serafeim to discuss ESG trends that are top of mind in 2020. Professor Serafeim also discussed his recent research on how ESG has fared during the pandemic and shared his findings that identified companies with stronger ESG profiles performed better relative to their peers. Watch highlights from the ESG in 2020 & Beyond webinar here!