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NYSE Technology

Technology Solutions

For Listed Companies and Traders

The NYSE Connect platform for listed companies and the Pillar platform for traders are designed to provide each community with a single solution to their needs. Both platforms curate, organize and distribute actionable market insights that power trading decisions, investor communications, media outreach, and strategic internal decision-making.

Pillar: For NYSE Traders

Now that NYSE has joined the Intercontinental Exchange family, which is known for its leadership in the fintech space, one of our key initiatives is to build a platform that provides all the matching and execution resources NYSE traders need from one location. When finished, Pillar will be an integrated trading technology platform that connects you to all of our equities and options markets through a single specification. Designed to reduce complexity, Pillar will include new gateways and matching engines built for more efficient processing, shorter time to market for ongoing enhancements, and simplified, harmonized order types, terminology and messaging across all NYSE markets.

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NYSE Connect: For Listed Companies

The NYSE Connect platform is a robust information hub for NYSE-listed companies. Connect provides private, gated access to information regarding your company’s shares including quotation data, market share, analyst ratings and opinions, company profile, top news stories and more. In combination with your NYSE direct market maker (DMM), Connect is designed to help you get the insight you need to address investor questions, respond to media inquiries, and plan long-term, strategic initiatives.

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