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Exchange Traded Products

Below is a list of all U.S. Exchange Traded Products that have suspended the issuance of new shares. Funds that are closed to creations pose additional risks such as the potential for the market price to deviate from the fund's Net Asset Value (NAV), as well as increased volatility. For questions regarding funds closed to creations please contact us.

ETP Name Symbol Issuer Press Release
Claymore CEF Index Linked GS Connect ETN Index-Linked Notes due 2037 GCE GS Finance Corp. View
Morgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income Index ETN MLPY Morgan Stanley View
C-Tracks Exchange-Traded Notes Based on the Performance of the Miller/Howard MLP Fundamental Index MLPC Citigroup Inc. View
GS Connect S&P GSCI Enhanced Commodity Total Return Strategy Index ETN GSC Goldman Sachs  View
C-Tracks Exchange-Traded Notes Miller/Howard Strategic Dividend Reinvestor  DIVC Citigroup Inc. View
JPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETN AMJ JPMorgan Chase & Co. View
DB Gold Double Long ETN DGP Deutsche Bank AG View
DB Gold Double Short ETN DZZ Deutsche Bank AG View
DB Gold Short ETN DGZ Deutsche Bank AG View