Broadcast marketable orders on NYSE’s XDP Feed for additional execution opportunities on the NYSE American Options Exchange prior to routing, cancelling, or posting on the American Options Consolidated Book.


  • When an eligible BOLD-designated order is received, the Exchange will broadcast the order details via a Request For Quote (“RFQ”) over the NYSE American Options’ XDP Feed.
  • The RFQ will notify participants of the series, price, side, and size of the BOLD-designated order.
  • The BOLD Timer will initiate, giving Exchange Participants a brief period of time to submit orders and/or quotes to interact with the BOLD-designated order.
  • If the BOLD Timer expires without any response or the BOLD-designated order is not satisfied to its full size, the BOLD-designated order or any remaining interest will be routed, cancelled or posted to the American Options Consolidated Book in accordance with the order specifications.


  • More Opportunity - BOLD allows Participants the opportunity to source additional liquidity on the American Options market for their marketable orders.
  • Additional Control - BOLD provides Participants additional control of their execution experience including where orders execute, and can help avoid routing fees on applicable orders.
  • Maximum Flexibility - BOLD is optional functionality that can be applied on an order-by-order basis giving Participants maximum flexibility for use.

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