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One of the most important decisions an issuer will make during the IPO process is selecting the right exchange on which to list the company’s securities. You are charting your course for the future. At the NYSE, we realize how much work has gone into building your company up to this point and that this is the beginning of your life as a publicly traded company. Companies choose to go public for a myriad of reasons, but most notably to pursue opportunity.

The NYSE’s key differentiator from other exchanges is our market model. In addition to the competitive market-maker model used by other exchanges, the NYSE also has a Designated Market Maker (DMM). This unique participant is required to maintain a fair and orderly market in the stocks it trades. Paired with industry-leading technology and the human oversight of the trading floor, stocks trade better on the NYSE.

Your listing also comes with benefits the moment you walk through the door. Companies listing on the NYSE and NYSE American join a community of iconic brands and industry disruptors. Within this group you can find great customers, powerful collaborators, peers, mentors, acquisitions and, potentially, your next board member. And, of course, investors.

You can trust us with your future. From our superior trading platform to our dynamic global community and the lifetime of service and value we provide, we are here to support you as a public company.