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Index Data Services

The NYSE Index Group at are experts in designing, calculating, maintaining and broadcasting successful indices – helping our clients to unlock their potential. Today, over $20 billion in assets under management and over 2,500 Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), mutual funds and derivative products are associated with our indices.

Knowledgeable, dedicated & responsive staff

The NYSE Index Group is well versed in working with many varied methodologies and has extensive experiences with multiple industry standards and market data vendors. NYSE’s knowledgeable and responsive specialists will work with you to fully understand your objectives and to design a suite of indices that encompasses your vision.

Index services

From initial consultation to ongoing maintenance and support, The NYSE Index Group offers comprehensive end-to-end indexing solutions designed to meet your investment strategies. Services include:

Want to know more?

If you want to know more details about our above mentioned services, please read more on the dedicated pages following the links above or you can contact us directly.
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