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Intellidex Indices

Our Intellidex Indices are newly enhanced to offer an even greater depth and refinement of various key weights and factors for a wide range of sophisticated strategies.
Index NameSymbolBloomberg CodeReuters RIC Code
Dynamic Aggressive Growth IntellidexILRILR.ILR
Dynamic Banking IntellidexDHDDHD.DHD
Dynamic Basic Material Sector IntellidexEZBEZB.EZB
Dynamic Biotech & Genome IntellidexDZODZO.DZO
Dynamic Building & Construction IntellidexDWCDWCX.DWBC
Dynamic Consumer Discretionary Sector IntellidexEZZEZZ.EZZ
Dynamic Consumer Staples Sector IntellidexEZSEZS.EZS
Dynamic Deep Value IntellidexILUILU.ILU
Dynamic Energy Exploration & Production IntellidexDWEDWE.DWE
Dynamic Energy Sector IntellidexEZKEZK.EZK
Dynamic Financial Sector IntellidexEZFEZF.EZF
Dynamic Food & Beverage IntellidexDZFDZF.DZF
Dynamic Hardware & Consumer Electronics IntellidexDZHDZH.DZH
Dynamic Healthcare Sector IntellidexEZXEZX.EZX
Dynamic Healthcare Services IntellidexDHCDHC.DHC
Dynamic Industrial Sector IntellidexEZLEZL.EZL
Dynamic Insurance IntellidexDWJDWJ.DWJ
Dynamic Large Cap Growth IntellidexILHILH.ILH
Dynamic Large Cap IntellidexIEBIEB.IEB
Dynamic Large Cap Value IntellidexILWILW.ILW
Dynamic Leisure & Entertainment IntellidexDZLDZL.DZL
Dynamic Market IntellidexDYIDYI.DYI
Dynamic Media IntellidexDZMDZM.DZM
Dynamic Mid Cap Growth IntellidexILJILJ.ILJ
Dynamic Mid Cap IntellidexIEKIEK.IEK
Dynamic Mid Cap Value IntellidexILPILP.ILP
Dynamic Networking IntellidexDZNDZN.DZN
Dynamic Oil Services IntellidexDWODWO.DWO
Dynamic OTC IntellidexDYODYO.DYO
Dynamic Pharmaceutical IntellidexDZRDZR.DZR
Dynamic Retail IntellidexDWRDWR.DWR
Dynamic Semiconductor IntellidexDZEDZE.DZE
Dynamic Small Cap Growth IntellidexILKILK.ILK
Dynamic Small Cap IntellidexIEYIEY.IEY
Dynamic Small Cap Value IntellidexILZILZ.ILZ
Dynamic Software IntellidexDZCDZC.DZC
Dynamic Technology Sector IntellidexEZVEZV.EZV
Dynamic Telecommunications & Wireless IntellidexDWYDWY.DWY
Dynamic Top 200 IntellidexDYHDYH.DYH
Dynamic Utilities IntellidexDWUDWU.DWU