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Order Entry & Reports

NYSE, NYSE American and NYSE Arca

Simplify connectivity with ICE Global Network (IGN). Whether looking to expand into new markets, streamline multiple direct connections or find a cost-effective solution for your redundancy needs, IGN offers an easily scalable infrastructure solution.

Disaster Recovery

All Platforms

FIX and Binary Technical Specifications

NYSE Pillar Technology

NYSE equities and options markets operate on NYSE Pillar, our integrated trading technology platform that enables member firms to connect using a standard protocol. NYSE Pillar is designed to improve efficiency and reduce complexity for customers, while enhancing consistency, performance and resiliency. 

Members of the NYSE equities and options markets may contact their Relationship Manager or send an email to [email protected] to meet with exchange technology and business staff to discuss trading infrastructure, connectivity protocols and System functionality. 

NYSE Bonds

NYSE Bonds offers a range of fast, reliable connectivity options designed to suit the needs of high-volume traders, to make connecting to our markets the easiest part of your day.

Connect Directly Through the FIX Gateway

Connect directly to all NYSE markets through the NYSE FIX Gateway, which combines superior performance and speed to provide inbound Order routing, execution reporting, and market-making capabilities.

Connect with Bloomberg

As a Bloomberg Trade Order Management System (TOMS) customer, a preferred strategic partnership with NYSE Bonds will give you an additional avenue of liquidity—at no added cost. For more inFormation, please visit the Bloomberg TOMS page.

Connect with InterDealer

Get direct access to every market that trades on the New York Stock Exchange floor with InterDealer IT's cross-asset trading platform. For more information, please visit the InterDealer IT website.