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NYSE Century Index

The NYSE Century Index, launched in July 2012, was created to recognize companies that have thrived for over a century. Component companies have demonstrated the ability to innovate, transform and grow through decades of economic and social progress.

The NYSE Century Index is composed of major companies that define the American economy: business icons and household names.

Selection Criteria

In order to be considered for the NYSE Century Index, companies must:

  • Have been incorporated in the US for at least 100 years
  • Be listed on a US exchange
  • Have a Market Capitalization of at least $ 1 Billion at the index inception / rebalance

The NYSE Century Index will be rebalanced annually based on these criteria. These selection criteria result in an index that incorporates companies with mega caps as well as smaller companies. The NYSE Century Index is an equal weighted index, which provides exposure to companies from 10 major sectors, with current concentration in areas of historical economic strength (i.e., financials and industrials).

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