The Market

Improved Market Conditions

There is renewed confidence in the global market,
spurred by economic growth and low volatility

  • Dow reached 21,000
  • Best S&P 500 since 2013
  • Pent-up demand for IPOs
  • Low interest rates
  • Business confidence
  • Solid U.S. and stabilizing
    EU economies
New Administration
New Administration
  • Pro-business policy
  • Potential for tax reform
  • Low unemployment
The Exchange

2017 Mid-Year Review

NYSE Leadership

Companies have returned to equity markets to raise capital.
IPOs have tripled since last year, reaching 49 to date.

**Stats as of June 30, 2017

2017 Mid-Year Review

2017 NYSE IPOs

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Total NYSE-listed companies account for:

S&P 500
fortune 100

2017 Mid-Year Review

NYSE Community

Beyond the Numbers

Advancing Markets & Growth

  • Met with the new Administration and advocated on behalf of clients for a more favorable business climate
  • Testified before Congress on U.S. equity market structure
  • Celebrated great companies making an impact
    in their local communities

alternative Ways to Access Capital

Growing Network

  • A diverse community that has grown to over 2,400 innovators, game-changers and leaders across all industries
  • NYSE Big Board Club opened its doors to thousands of clients and guests to over 100 events
The Future

Moving Forward

Expect active capital markets for balance of 2017

Low volatility,
low interest rates,
high asset prices
  • If equity market volatility remains muted, expect a positive IPO environment
  • Should the Fed continue to assess further tightening to monetary policy, markets could continue to trend positively
  • Continuation of advocacy for smart improvements to capital formation rules, led by the NYSE
More IPOs,
more capital
  • A promising pipeline with over 80 companies on file for potential proceeds of $7B
  • An environment of continued pent-up demand can lead to an active public filing environment and backlog
Greater economic
and job growth