Leaders of the global business community -- including CEOs, government officials and economists -- convened in Davos, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum. In contrast to past years, a sense of optimism for the year ahead was shared by many attendees. Tom Farley, president of the New York Stock Exchange, and John Tuttle, the NYSE’s head of listings, represented Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) at the gathering.

Below are the three broad takeaways gathered from conversations our team had in and around the World Congress Center:

1. Global IPO Momentum Continues - Capital markets continue to thrive as low volatility and business confidence continue in 2018. Building on 2017’s significant increase in IPO activity, most expect this momentum to continue as more companies from around the world turn to the U.S. to access the world’s largest pool of capital and trusted markets.

2. Reinvestment in the U.S. - Following the passage of tax reform legislation in the U.S., many companies are evaluating how they can leverage their savings for new investments in their workforce and within their capital assets and communities. In particular, international companies are considering how they can redirect new investment and hiring toward the U.S. from manufacturing and services, to research and innovation.

3. Business Success Beyond Profitability - Companies build strategies around growing profitability, but this year, the tone in Davos was noticeably more focused on corporate social responsibility as a contributor to successful business outcomes. CEOs and thought leaders debated the larger societal challenges that are shaping strategies today, and defining opportunities for tomorrow. The main question: How do businesses build long-term, sustainable strategies that encourage a diverse and inclusive workforce, create jobs, and lift local communities while driving returns for shareholders?

Watch these videos to learn more about this year’s key takeaways:

Learn more about how today’s business environment is helping fuel the IPO pipeline for 2018, and how tax reform legislation is influencing the way international companies are considering new investments in the U.S.

Gain insights on the benefits of going public and how the financial community is working together to right-size regulation to help companies.

Be inspired by the optimism shared by business leaders at the World Economic Forum.

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