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Switch CIO Missy Young Explains How Switch Became the Data Center Expert

In the last twenty-five years, the internet has grown from a hobby among enthusiasts to a network responsible for roughly a trillion dollars-worth of global GDP, with no signs of slowing growth. The digital economy requires a data center infrastructure to keep it up and running. That's where Las Vegas-based technology infrastructure leader Switch, Inc. (NYSE: SWCH) comes in.

From the beginning, Switch founder and CEO Rob Roy had a vision to design the data center of the future, a mission-critical infrastructure that is scalable, efficient and secure to accommodate the massive storage, compute and networking demands of next-generation technologies such as Big Data, AI and IoT.

Today, hundreds of the world's leading enterprises, Fortune 100 corporations and small businesses alike, look to Switch to provide the critical data center infrastructure to sustainably power the future of the connected world. Check out this video featuring Switch CIO Missy Young sharing how Switch is the data center expert.