Voya Commits to the Future of its Communities

NYSE asked its listed companies to provide information on what they are doing to advance the world through corporate social responsibility initiatives. The above case study is what Voya (NYSE: VOYA) shared with us about their programs. (NYSE presents the information for informational purposes, but neither represents nor warrants the accuracy of the narrative, which relies solely on material provided by Voya).

At Voya Financial, just as the company acts in the best interests of its customers, helping them plan, invest and protect their savings for retirement, it has an equal passion for acting in the best interests of the communities in which it operates through sustainable business practices and products. The two initiatives work hand-in-hand in supporting the core objectives of the company: to better the lives of its customers and employees by instilling best financial and operational practices in a way that is ethically, economically, socially and environmentally responsible.

Voya Financial receives Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership Award From Financial Services Roundtable

Voya donates $520,000 to the Special Olympics as a result of successful "Invest in Something Special" initiatives

"At Voya, we are proud to be leading efforts that are not only improving our customers’ financial well-being, but also making the environment in which they live and work, better for their futures,” said Amy Springsteel, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Voya. “We believe that our dual-pronged strategy is positive for the planet and the company at large as we continue to build a positive culture that attracts employees, partners and customers - ultimately supporting our bottom line."

Below are two examples of areas that Voya is advancing through its efforts:

A Lifetime of Financial Well-Being

While the U.S. celebrates Financial Literacy Month each April, Voya is committed to educating Americans throughout the year about the importance of planning, investing and protecting their savings through financial wellness and resilience programs. Beginning at childhood and progressing through retirement, Voya provides programs that engage individuals and families across their entire lifecycle.

Commitment to the Planet

Voya continues to pioneer new ways to decrease its environmental footprint. According to Voya, since 2007, the company has reduced its energy consumption by 42 percent and total waste by approximately 50 percent and, for the past 11 years, Voya has also purchased renewable-energy wind credits that equal 100 percent of its electricity use. The company' sustainability efforts led the company to joining the RE100 in 2015, a global list of companies that have pledged to source 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy.

Voya is committed to its corporate responsibility mission and continues to evolve its efforts to best serve the communities in which it operates.