Using a combination of ICE IM’s proprietary message parsing technology and a standard web browser, Members can submit CUBE and QCC orders for execution to NYSE American Options Floor Brokers or directly to the Matching Engine. There are no fees applied or software installation required to use IMprint, only a web browser and an IM application.

Key Benefits and Features

  • No software installation required: only a web browser and an Instant Messaging application are required
  • Submit order text in plain language to NYSE Options IMprint, a special-purpose IM contact, and receive a URL to a pre-populated order entry ticket ready for submission
  • Route paired orders (CUBE1 and QCC2) directly to the NYSE American Options matching engine for price improvement or execution
  • Route paired orders (CUBE and QCC) electronically to a NYSE American Options floor broker for price improvement or execution
  • Receive fills automatically on screen and IM upon execution
  • No software fees; only normal transaction fees associated with NYSE American Options will apply

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