Making the Move

When you’re ready to go public, or transfer to the NYSE, we’re here to help. We put 220+ years of experience behind your transition from private to public to make the move seamless and efficient.

The IPO Process

Listing on the NYSE is an internationally recognized symbol that a company has achieved maturity and front-rank status in its industry. Our listing standards are designed to assure that every company whose shares are admitted to trading in our markets merit that recognition.

International Listings

The U.S. markets are the best capital markets in the world, which is why NYSE is home to a large community of international issuers. When they list here, international companies are able to leverage the world’s most global exchange platform to connect with investor capital, shareholders, customers, partners and influencers around the world.

Transferring to NYSE

Since 2010, 65 companies with a combined market cap of over $330 billion have transferred to NYSE or NYSE American, where they benefit from enhanced liquidity in trading, more information about their trading activity, and greater global visibility and support.