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4/6/21 2:00 PM ET Nationwide Join ETF Trends, Nationwide, and TOBAM for "99 Problems, but Concentration Isn't One: A New Approach to Diversification", an interactive webinar exploring how a patented approach seeks to challenge common investment myths surrounding diversification. Compliance approval-MFM-4099AO (03/21) Q-20210330-0069 Register
4/7/21 10:00 AM CT FlexShares Vantage Point Webinar Series featuring High Yield Register
4/20/21 2:00 PM EDT SS&C SS&C invites you to join our ETF round table discussion – key insights on product strategies, distribution trends, active vs. passive and the pros and cons of transparency. Register

On Demand

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On Demand On Demand Innovator ETFs Learn about IBD's breakout methodology and how it will be captured through the Innovator IBD® Breakout Opportunities ETF. Register
On Demand On Demand Janus Henderson Investors

Hear from the Janus Henderson fixed income team about how they developed a wide range of strategies to address clients’ varied and evolving needs. From short duration to agency mortgage-backed securities to AAA-rated collateralized loan obligations.

On Demand On Demand Overlay Shares

Overlay Shares hosted a webinar introducing two new strategies: a better approach to hedged equity and short term bonds with additional income.

On Demand On Demand Rayliant

The staggering growth of China’s economy is old news…so why are Chinese stocks still an afterthought in so many portfolios? We explore investors’ response to China’s growth and examine evidence for and against increasing allocations to the world’s second-largest stock market.

On Demand On Demand VanEck

CEO Jan VanEck and Former U.S. Representative John Faso takle crutial questions about the election, coronavirus, and the upcoming year.

On Demand On Demand ROBO Global You’re invited to join ROBO Global’s research team for our investor webinar recapping Q1 and key trends to watch. By registering, you’ll gain exclusive, early access to our latest research report covering Q1 performance. Register

CE Credit Courses

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CE Credit VanEck Market History In this five part course on the history of finance, CEO, Jan van Eck, covers what he thinks is necessary historical background for a career in finance. Each class available for 1 CE credit. Register

Articles & Whitepapers

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Article iShares Quality & value in corporate bonds Index-tracking funds that emphasize value and quality factors can help investors target overlooked, less expensive corporate bonds in a low-rate environment. Read now
Article iShares International stocks post-Covid The global economy is poised for recovery, giving investors reason to consider adding to international equities as part of their core portfolio strategy.  Read now
Article iShares Speculating vs. investing Michael Lane examines the differences between speculating and investing, addressing the market activity in January and February of this year. Read now
Article iShares Why bond fund fees matter How bond fund expenses can eat up a higher percentage of portfolio yield as rates fall and how ETFs can help investors keep more of what they earn. Read now
Article iShares Covid one year later Five key lessons one year after the Covid-19 epidemic hit, and how they may shape the investing world going forward. Read now
Article iShares Investor guide to higher inflation Gargi Pal Chaudhuri discusses four reasons inflation is poised for a pick-up and what it means for stocks, bonds and commodities. Read now
Article FlexShares ETFs Advisor Wellness Campaign What Wellness Means for Advisors, Especially Now Read now
Article Inspire Are ETF Owners Smarter? Why are investors moving away from mutual funds to ETFs? Read now
Article Janus Henderson Investors Active ETFs Head of Exchange-Traded Products Nick Cherney discusses the driving forces behind the growth of the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry and why active ETFs are capturing a larger share of the overall market. Read now
Article Janus Henderson Investors 2021 Investment Outlook Despite a violent COVID-19 driven correction in the first quarter of 2020, markets responded with a rebound throughout the remainder of the year and returns were primarily positive across asset classes. The 2021 Janus Henderson Market GPS Investment Outlook suggests cautious optimism for performance outcomes while exhorting investors to diversify in order to mitigate outlier risks. Read now
Article KFA Funds Global Carbon Allowance Markets See Upside Potential Global Carbon Allowance Markets See Upside Potential Read now
Article State Street Global Advisors Money Talks: Strategies to Help Clients Open Up with Family About Purpose of Wealth Money can be a taboo topic. But financial advisors have a role to play in helping families open up to make wealth planning a more comfortable conversation. Read now
Article State Street Global Advisors Is Now the Time for Sector Investing? Understanding the changing sector landscape requires diving into the data. Matthew Bartolini takes a look at sector investing in his latest post. Read now
Article State Street Global Advisors The Fed Isn’t Worried About Inflation, That Should Frighten Investors Michael Arone discusses whether inflation is the Fed’s blind spot. Read now
Article State Street Global Advisors Core Portfolio Construction Principles What four principles do investors need to consider when it comes to core construction? Matthew Bartolini shares. Read now
Whitepaper Alger Growth Equities How can investors find the innovation that excites them at the value they want? The answer may lie outside of the U.S. borders where innovation may be on sale. Read now
Whitepaper Janus Henderson Investors Short Duration Fixed Income Portfolio Manager Nick Maroutsos believes that capital preservation and attractive risk-adjusted returns are not mutually exclusive despite zero-interest rate policy across much of the developed world. Read now
Whitepaper KraneShares 2021 China Outlook: Full Steam Ahead In 2021, China looks to build on its economic rebound stemming from its first-in/first-out experience with COVID-19. Read our outlook on China’s economy, capital markets, and favorite themes for 2021. Read now
Whitepaper SS&C Semi-Transparent Exchange Traded Funds: A Revolution in Active Management Active vs. Passive - The revolution of active management continues to march forward and now is a good time to enter the ETF space and simultaneously protect the intellectual property underlying your active strategies. Read now

Recorded Video & Podcasts

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Podcast Alger Sustainability Sustainability is a common theme for our companies. ESG themes, like renewable energy, are now undergoing seismic changes. Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang discusses the importance of ESG investing and how it impacts her new Mid Cap ETF portfolio. Listen now
Podcast FlexShares Rotating Flexible Advisor Podcast - Advisor Insights Listen now
Podcast FlexShares Rotating Funds In Focus Podcast - Industry Experts Listen now
Podcast ERShares Growth Stocks may now offer the best “Value” Joel Shulman in his latest podcast with ETF Prime (March 9th) remarks that beaten-up growth stocks might now offer the best relative "value" compared to other investment options.

Shulman advises listeners to be careful in buying traditional value stocks at this time. Prospective buyers should be wary of the price levels for debt-rich, declining margin, "value stocks” that are at risk for a major price correction. He cites SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: SEAS) as an example of a company that is trading at an all-time high despite major problems such as huge debt burdens lurking below the surface. He mentions similar cases with other traditional, value stocks that have also reached high levels while simultaneously flirting with bankruptcy (Avis, etc). Shulman believes that growth stocks will bounce back. He ends his interview with the comment that while growth stocks can periodically drop 20% or so with market corrections, they have a chance for recovery. Not so with debt-laden value stocks. Once they go bankrupt (Hertz, Sears, etc), the game is over. He remains bullish on entrepreneurial growth stocks in the months ahead.

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Video ERShares Eva Ados on Bloomberg discussing the confounding effects of the Stimulus Eva Ados, in her appearance on Bloomberg, shares her views about the effects of stimulus distributions. Watch now
Video ERShares A Market Searching for “Value” may now be Returning to Growth… Joel Shulman, in his appearance on Mornings with Maria, shares his views on getting out of "value", and moving back to reasonable growth. Watch now
Video ERShares Rate Hikes based on Selling? Eva Ados, on TD Ameritrade, shares her perspective on the markets after the Fed meeting. Watch now
Video ERShares Eva Ados: Inflation Falsely Blamed for Rising Interest Rates? Eva Ados, on Yahoo Finance, discusses multiple factors that can affect interest rates. Watch now
Video ERShares Derail of Upward Trend from Potential Tax Raise Joel Shulman, in his appearance on Cheddar, shares his views on the Yellen and Powell testimony on U.S. economic recovery amid the pandemic. Watch now
Video ERShares Tax Hikes are not the way to Jumpstart the Economy Eva Ados, in her appearance on the Fox Business Show “The Claman Countdown,” emphasizes that tax hikes will be detrimental to job creation. Watch now
Video ERShares Topsy-turvy Market Looking for Direction Joel Shulman, on Mornings with Maria, shares his views on the state of the Markets. He notes the volatility brought by the unwinding of positions caused by a major hedge fund closure and the associated impact on custodial banks. Watch now
Video Innovator ETFs Loup Frontier Tech ETF: LOUP Watch Tech Icon Gene Munster of Loup Ventures and Loup Frontier Tech ETF (LOUP ), be interviewed by Bruce Bond, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovator ETFs.   Watch now
Video Innovator ETFs Innovator IBD® ETF Leaders ETF: LDRS The Innovator IBD® ETF Leaders ETF seeks to track the IBD® ETF Leaders Index. Watch now
Video Inspire How ETF Liquidity Really Works How ETF Creation And Redemption Really Works - as explained by donuts Watch now

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