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Learning Solutions

Data is powerful and its meaning can change processes, viewpoints and organizations. How are you harnessing the power of data to manage risk and create meaningful employee training programs? NYSE Governance Services empowers organizations to build a culture of integrity by combining dynamic, adaptive learning experiences with quantitative analytics to increase performance, enhance accountability and mitigate risk.


Designed with advanced learning methods, game mechanics, and motivational techniques to drive behavioral and cultural change, the Pulse solution enables organizations to go beyond traditional training methods to foster a successful program. Pulse's adaptive learning and analytics technology optimizes the time employees spend on training, ensures each employee achieves 100% proficiency, and provides the real-time data needed to strengthen knowledge gaps, mitigate risk, and drive business outcomes.

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Pulse Check

Introducing Pulse Check: an industry-leading solution for understanding the "pulse" of a burning issue in your organization with an interactive diagnostic application and a proprietary benchmark against your peer organizations.

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RealBiz Shorts

To change behavior, you need to change attitudes. To change attitudes, you need to get attention. Short, funny, and engaging content in the right context stands out. Humor illuminates truth and makes an emotional connection with the audience. That connection yields far better retention than the typical death-by-PowerPoint approach. Effective communication builds corporate culture, and a humorous, positive tone makes difficult, thorny subjects less scary. Short and funny yields social sharing and collaboration.

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