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Our equities listing platforms provide flexibility to foster growth for companies of all sizes:

The New York Stock Exchange

Listing on the NYSE launches a journey that will transform its business and open up opportunities. Our unique market model combines cutting-edge technology enhanced by human judgment, access to the deepest pools of liquidity, unmatched brand visibility and a network of the world's greatest corporations.

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NYSE American

NYSE American is a leading marketplace for small cap companies. Listed companies have the benefit of a fully integrated trading platform that combines proven technology with the human participation and oversight of designated market makers. NYSE American issuers have access to the global branding and visibility opportunities, an unparalleled community of thought leaders and capital market intelligence.

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ETPs are listed on NYSE Arca, our fully electronic market offering issuers a Lead Market Maker (LMM) program to improve market quality. NYSE Arca continues to be unmatched in NYSE Arca-listed liquidity, setting the National Best Bid and Offer approximately 91% of the time. In Arca-listed ETPs, NYSE Arca’s opening auctions consistently execute over 99% of the total opening auction volume and 99% of the total closing auction volume.

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