Every year, the Executive Marketing Summit brings together the most influential thinkers and speakers from across the business world. See below for highlights from our 2013 event.


Brands and the Power of Social Media

Breaking Through the Noise - Marketing in the 21st Century

Anand Chandrasekher on the Future of Brand Engagement

Mark-Hans Richer on Forging Connections with Customers


Pictured: Andrew Ross Sorkin, CNBC & the New York Times; Mario Batali, Chef & Brand Master

Pictured: Jez Frampton, Global CEO, Interbrand; Frank Abenant, Global Brands President, Aheuser-Busch InBev; Mark-Hans Richer, SVP and Global CMO, Harley-Davidson; Susan Avarde, Head of Global Branding, Citigroup; Stuart Elliott, The New York Times

Pictured: Clara Shih, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Hearsay Social; Hayley Barna, Founder and Co-CEO, Birchbox

Pictured: Mark-Hans Richer, SVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Harley-Davidson

Pictured: Andrew Ross Sorkin, CNBC & The New York Times

Pictured: Kelly Evans, CNBC; Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Officer, MasterCard