Corpedia’s innovative, customizable, and user-friendly training solutions are designed to reach your organization’s employee base, regardless of location, level of education, or generation.

Developed by a team of ethics and compliance lawyers and instructional design experts, Corpedia’s courseware spans hundreds of topics to help keep ethics and compliance top-of-mind while ensuring your organization is in alignment with industry and regulatory best practices. Today Corpedia’s library consists of more than 900 courses, and we are continuously expanding our library as the needs of our clients and the regulatory environment change.

Board Leadership Program

As corporate responsibility issues are increasingly publicized, the roles and responsibilities of corporate directors face greater scrutiny.

Governance-related policy changes introduced in recent years have increased the focus on the experience and qualifications of corporate directors. These changes have resulted in increased expectations that companies and boards take affirmative steps to ensure directors are well prepared to address emerging opportunities and challenges.

Equipping the board to address emerging opportunities and challenges requires smart decision-making tools.

With membership options available to full boards or individuals, the Board Leadership Program provides the tools and resources needed to deal with the strategic and corporate governance hurdles confronting boards today.

Board Leadership Program memberships provides:

  • Continuing education on must-know governance topics
  • Guidance to navigate & avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls
  • Compliance with governance best practices
  • Ability to proactively disclose board credentials to shareholders

Is Your Organization IPO Ready?

NYSE Governance Services can assist before and during the IPO process, helping you and your employees understand the implications, responsibilities, and benefits of being part of a publicly traded company.

Preventing fraud in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), as well as the importance of creating accurate financial statements and cooperating with internal audit in order to comply with the requirements of a stringent regulatory environment are just a few of the many challenges public companies need to communicate to their workforce.

Having a strong and effective compliance program in place prior to going public is one way to make the transition a smooth process. Let us help you with:

  • Training and Communications
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Board Oversight and Governance
  • SOX & FCPA
  • Antitrust
  • Insider Trading
  • Record Keeping
  • Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Training Courseware

Your organization’s code of conduct is the foundational compliance and ethics program document tying key guidelines and policies to your organization’s values and ethical commitments. Having a great code is for naught, however, if it is not supported by a strategy to effectively communicate its guidance to your employees.

Initiating a training program around your organization’s code of conduct is the next step in implementing a successful and measureable compliance and ethics program. By presenting your employees with relevant risk situations and guidance on how to respond in those situations, you help them further understand the code and how to live by it.

Custom Code of Conduct Training Courseware

Using the same developmental process as our CUSTOM TRAINING COURSEWARE, Corpedia’s team of specialists can develop a code of conduct training course that is engaging, informative, and designed to familiarize your employees with your organization’s expectations, policies, and procedures.

Using custom images of your employees and facilities—and an inclusive tone—will give your employees a sense of ownership of the code. In addition, our TRANSLATION AND LOCALIZATION capabilities allow you to translate your code into almost any language to ensure that all employees, regardless of location or language, can read and understand this key component of your compliance program.

Turnkey Code of Conduct Solutions

A cost-effective solution for organizations with limited time and resources, Corpedia’s Turnkey Code of Conduct Solutions include a modular, web-based, and customizable written code of conduct and code training course.

The written code of conduct is an attractively designed document ready to become the foundation of your organization’s compliance and ethics program. The code portrays realistic scenarios and clearly defines acceptable behaviors in a language that employees can easily understand, with examples that are relevant and practical for the workforce of any organization.

Choosing from a list of key topics, both the training course and written code are modular and can be rearranged as needed to fit your organization’s risk profile, leaving you with a consistent, cohesive, and integrated code of conduct and code training program.

Turnkey Code Templates

Pre-developed for ease of implementation and quick turnaround, Corpedia offers multiple templates for the Turnkey Code of Conduct Solutions. Designed concurrently, each written code of conduct document and code training course template match in content, style, and theme.

Custom Courseware

Whether your organization seeks a traditional training curriculum or desires to engage employees with short, hard-hitting vignettes, Corpedia’s team of specialists can create engaging courseware that fulfills your organization’s specific training goals and accurately reflects your organization’s culture. Our programs reinforce critical concepts, and our delivery and reporting capabilities make tracking employee completion and compliance effortless.

A Solution, All Your Own

Nobody knows instructional design like Corpedia, but nobody knows your organization like you. Our instructional design experts will spend time getting to know your organization, including your corporate culture, employees, strengths, products, risk areas—and most importantly, your vision. Corpedia can craft language targeted to your audience, illustrative scenarios reflective of your risk areas, and activities focused on the situations your employees face every day. The overall result is a course that is engaging, realistic, and relevant to your organization and employees.

Branding & Graphics

Our graphic design team excels at seamlessly integrating your brand into a unique custom training course. Whether you want to rely on our vast library of stock photos or your own brand images, we will make sure the graphics reinforce the learning experience leaving you with a course that is truly representative of your organization.

Robust Data Reporting Options

Training audits are a fact of life. Whether you need data for your own records, to comply with industry regulations, or in response to legal action, Corpedia’s robust data reporting options have you covered. You may choose to have employees acknowledge that they have read and will follow your code, certify that they have completed a task outside the course, or disclose any known conflicts of interests. Additionally, you can conduct surveys of your employees or add required end-of-training assessments to our custom courseware.

Reaching Your Global Audience: Translations

Business is global, and the best training in the world is useless if your employees are unable to understand it. As such, Corpedia can translate your courseware into almost any language. Click here for a list of languages.

Off-the-Shelf Courseware

Does your training program effectively promote ethical behaviors and communicate organizational values to employees?

Whether you’re seeking a traditional training curriculum or hope to engage employees with shorter, multi-channel training, we will work with you to identify your organization’s training needs.

We offer an array of risk-based topics in our Off-The-Shelf course library to fit your compliance and ethics training requirements. Our Off-The-Shelf courseware can be launched as-is, or customized to suit your organization’s unique culture and branding. CLICK HERE to request a demo.

Foundation Training

Our full-length training courseware solutions average between 30-60 minutes. These foundation courses build a core compliance training program with topical and concept-based content.

Focus Training

Our focus training courseware solutions average between 5-20 minutes in length and highlight specific risk areas. These courses are designed for all employee populations and especially those employees with limited training time or who require refresher training on a particular topic.

Modular Code Training

Our modular code solution trains employees on code of conduct topics. Individual modules average 5-12 minutes and can be assembled to fit your specific training needs. This training option incorporates topics from multiple risk areas, providing your employees with need-to-know content.


EthiFlicks training solutions average between 2-3 minutes and provide an appealing method for risk training. Incorporating both video and traditional instruction, these courses are the perfect solution for organizations looking to deploy quick, engaging training.

RealBiz Shorts

RealBiz Shorts are videos that take a humorous look at serious topics in ethics and compliance, and the challenges facing all organizations.

Our courseware library continues to expand with our clients’ needs and demands, and as laws and regulations change.

Certification and Disclosure

Whether you have to meet regulatory or government mandates, or just want to keep track for your own records, Corpedia offers several reliable audit mechanisms that allow you to unequivocally show which of your employees completed training and when. These options can be included in off-the-shelf and custom courseware, or can stand alone so you can electronically keep track of employee disclosures, who attended an instructor-led class, or who read a physical policy.

Policy Acknowledgment

The simplest record-keeping solution is a policy acknowledgement included at the end of a course. The employee must click a button acknowledging that he or she has read, understands, and agrees with the information presented. The act of acknowledgement is recorded by Corpedia’s LMS or a supported AICC/SCORM third-party LMS.


Certification requires that employees respond to any number of questions or statements required by your organization. These answers are recorded by Corpedia’s LMS or a supported AICC/SCORM third-party LMS.

Interactive Questionnaire

Corpedia also offers an interactive questionnaire that allows you to ask complex compliance questions or issue a disclosure form. The questionnaire can be added as a required step for completion of a course. These answers are recorded in a searchable database and can also be sent via email.

RealBiz™ Shorts Compliance Videos

What do you get when the world's most famous improv comedy institution - The Second City – and global functional thought leaders tackle the question: "How do we improve learning effectiveness and corporate culture”? You get RealBiz Shorts!

Using the improv philosophy of collaboration and co-creating with our audience, we develop short, funny, shareable content highlighting the best ways to tackle common business challenges. We help your audience – from sellers to leaders to the entire company – connect with your learning, improving retention in ways they won’t soon forget.

What Are RealBizShorts?

Subscription libraries (Ethics & Compliance, Life Sciences, and Energy) of short, funny, useful video content on Ethics & Compliance topics.

  • Improve Education ROI – drive better engagement and retention of key learning points outside the classroom with funny, shareable content delivered when and where your employees need it most
  • Improve Communication and Culture - shorter, frequent, and positive communications change the tone, making your most important topics more accessible and digestible

Why RealBiz Shorts Work

  • Attention: To change behavior, you need to change attitudes. To change attitudes, you need to get attention. Short, funny, and engaging content in the right context stands out.
  • Retention: Humor illuminates truth and makes an emotional connection with the audience. That connection yields far better retention than the typical death-by-PowerPoint approach.
  • Perception: Effective communication builds corporate culture, and a humorous, positive tone makes difficult, thorny subjects less scary. Short and funny yields social sharing and collaboration.

In 5 years, we’ve written over 375 scripts performed by 115 actors to create over 150 videos. Join the club of 450+ global, industry-diverse companies that share RealBiz Shorts with over four million employees!

  • 20% OF THE FORTUNE 500

Translations and Localization

Business is global, and the best training program in the world is useless if employees are unable to understand it. As such, NYSE Governance Services can translate custom and Off-the-Shelf Courseware and supporting policies into almost any language. In addition, when developing custom courseware or customizing our Off-the-Shelf Courseware, we use examples and activities that make sense regardless of culture.

Majority of our Off-the-Shelf Courses are already available in NYSE Governance Services core language set; however, our language experts can translate courses into more than 60 languages.

Our Core 14 Translated Languages include:

  • Arabic
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Castilian Spanish
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Russian

Learning Management System & Third-Party Integration

NYSE Governance Service’s Learning Management System (LMS) is an advanced learning management platform for end-to-end compliance and ethics courseware management. With the users in mind, it was designed to enhance the compliance education experience for learners, administrators, and compliance program managers.

The configurable dashboards provide advanced insights and controls for learners and administrators. Self administration capabilities and advanced reporting offer increased efficiencies and more client side control of the learner environment.

Our LMS is compatible with third-party courseware and can be configured to integrate seamlessly with corporate websites or intranets.

Key Features:

  • Self-managed user capabilities
  • Configurable learner and administrator dashboards
  • Keyword courseware search
  • Self enrollment
  • Modular learning capability
  • Survey functionality
  • Self registration
  • Automated email notification

Reporting and Tracking Functions and Capabilities

NYSE Governance Service’s LMS offers a variety of reporting and tracking capabilities to measure the success of your training programs. Among other benefits, these capabilities allow for an affirmative defense in the event of an employee’s compliance misstep. LMS administrators can run reports to view performance data in a number of formats. We offer many standard reports, as well as the ability to create a custom search that can be exported to a report. What’s more, the robust performance data reporting capabilities enable you to drive training completion. Our clients typically use these tools to achieve course completion levels above 90 percent.

Reporting & Tracking Functions:

  • At-a-glance graphical reporting
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Deep dive drill down reports
  • Filter, sort, save and export reports in multiple formats
  • Ability to schedule reports to be emailed
  • Build and save custom reports

NYSE Governance Services offers several reliable audit mechanisms that allow you to unequivocally show which of your employees completed training and when. These options can be included in off-the-shelf and custom courseware, or can stand alone so you can electronically keep track of employee disclosures, who attended an instructor-led class, or who read a physical policy.